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How to get a frying handle in Little Witch in the Woods?

Obtaining a Roaster Handle may seem impossible when you start in Little Witch in the Woods, especially because you get a bottle of an extractor so early. Be patient, complete the main quest and do not forget to talk to Aurea.

What needs to be done to get a frying handle in a “little witch in the forest”?

Most of the steps to get the hub of a brazier in order to fix the roasting in the witch’s workshop is a matter of time. You will need to take a lot of these steps for the main story, but you will also not be able to cope, without going through these progression at first.

Open the entrance to the village and destroy the curse of the aurea.

You will need to have destroyed the honey pumpkin using Weed Terminator . This is the area southeast of the witch’s house. The destruction of weeds here will allow you to first talk with Aurea, a merchant. After talking with her, return to the house and make a lollipop that takes off the curse and return it to Aurea. She will give you a bottle for the extractor and say that in the near future she will figure out how to get a pen.

Find Rambrum and break the barbed vine

The next day, take more weeds Terminator in the direction northwest of the witch’s house. Destroy the honey pumpkin here and find a rumbrum who needs to be released. Return it to the witch’s house and make him a therapeutic candy . After that, he will lead you to the barbed vine. Destroy it by performing the steps of the investigation and receiving the ingredients for the preparation of the potion. Use the potion on prickly vine to destroy it and gain access to the village. .

Talk with Enite and return the next day

Talk to Rubrum’s grandmother in the north-eastern part of the village. She will tell you to come tomorrow. When you return, talk with her again and discuss the destruction of vines in the village. Then she will give you mission to talk with local residents to get more information about the evil of the plant and how to get rid of it.

SO WHOLESOME | Witch Life Sim Game -

How to open Aurea store in Little Witch in the Woods

When you fulfill the order Enet and start talking to others, use this opportunity to find aurea in the city center. Talk to her, and she will invite you to start making potions and sweets for her for money. Acceptance of this will tell you Aurea asks two medical sweets to deliver the next day. If you bring sweets the next day, it will give you exactly as much money as you need for a pen. To get a descriptor, talk with Aurea again and select the “store” option. Scroll down and Select the frying handle for 150 coins .

Want to know more about a little witch in the forest? If so, get acquainted with the section “How to catch a pumpkin terrier” in the game “Little Witch in the Forest” in professional game guidelines.

FIFA 22 LaLiga TOTS Date, Leaked cards, and more

This week practically all of the most important leagues in the world will end, but everything will continue in FIFA 22, which this week will make up for that gap with the publication of the LaLiga TOTS. A compilation of the best players of the season, which will offer the best cards for the game. And you won’t want to miss it if you have a team based on our local competition which, for many, is the best on the planet.

After having been able to vote for the nominees to choose our favorites, we now know when the LaLiga TOTS cards will be available. Until the date arrives, we will update this article with leaks and confirmations that come ahead of time, which, as you know, is quite common in the EA Sports game.

When will the LaLiga TOTS be in FUT?
We know when the LaLiga Santander TOTS will be available in FIFA 22 through Ultimate Team. It will be next Friday, May 20, and, as usual, they will be released from 7:00 p.m. (peninsular time). We will know the complete team that will bring together the best of the local competition in Spain from then on.

It is still unknown which footballers will be available for the team, but, as always, there are already some exciting leaks. Insiders like FUT Sheriff have leaked some of the graphic cards that will be available on Friday, such as Benzema or Modric, who deserve to be part of the team.

In addition, for the first time, there will be a special event organized by LaLiga and LaLiga Santander, where we will meet the 15 best players of the season that can be followed on the organization’s networks next Thursday 19, just one day before the cards – if the usual plan is maintained – are available.

Until the official publication arrives, we will be attentive to all the fitting leaks about the LaLiga TOTS since it is one of the most anticipated events by Ultimate Team players.

In our FIFA 22 content section, you will find all the news about the EA Sports football game. From tutorials to guides and tips, we go through solutions to SBC challenges and all the information that arrives every week at the different Ultimate Team events.

Conflicts surrounding nursing laws, the first primer?

The National Assembly Health and Welfare Committee is in full luck. This is due to the processing of enacting the Nursing Act, which passed the first legislative review committee on the 9th. If the bill passes the plenary session of the Welfare Committee, only the Legislative Judicial Commission and the plenary session will be left. Doctors, such as the Korean Medical Association, who oppose the enactment of the Nursing Law, are gathering to demand the abolition of the bill.

The recent parliamentary discussion for the enactment of the Nursing Law began with the promise of the nursing law enactment ahead of the April 2020 general election. A year later, on March 25, last year, the ruling party proposed a nursing bill.

Eight months later, the first meeting was held at the 1st Legislative Committee on the Welfare Committee on November 24 that year, and the discussion of the ruling and opposition parties was opened. The second meeting was held in February this year and the third meeting in April. In the third meeting, a nursing law was prepared, and the enactment of the 4th meeting on the 9th of this month passed the bill.

In this process, the words were led by the bill of the bill of the Moon Jae -in government. The Medical Association replied that the National Assembly was so -called “passing” the discussion with the health care community.

In response, the president of the Korea Nursing Association said, “It is forced to pass the so -called nursing law mediation proposal that has already agreed in the third meeting at the 4th meeting. It is a claim. ”

The Medical Association defines the nursing law as a wrong health care policy. When the nursing law is enacted, it says that the effect of the law guarantees the pursuit of profit of nurses. In addition, nursing methods can negatively affect the lives and health of the people, while also raising the voice that it can result in shaking the foundation of Korean medical care.

On the other hand, the National Movement Headquarters of Nursing alone, focusing on the Korean Nursing Association, refutes the claims of the Medical Association because the intention of enacting the nursing law is a “national health promotion.” They argue that the nursing law is irrelevant to the interests of a specific literary, and it is necessary to enact it as soon as it is a bill for national health and patient safety.

■ What is the nursing method

Currently, the enactment of the Nursing Law, which passed the so -called the National Assembly’s Welfare Commission, is a revision bill that merged three cases including Kim Min -seok (Democratic Party), Seo Jung -sook, and Choi Yeon -sook (National Power), and nursing bills and nursing and mid -sized lands law enactment.

The legislation has been revised little by little through a total of four so -called meetings. When passing the bill, the scope of the work of nurses was summarized by following the current nurses’ business regulations. In other words, the nurse is a medical assistant under the guidance of doctors, dentists, and oriental doctors.

Initially, the bills proposed by three lawmakers included allowing nurses’ scope of work to enforce the work required for medical care according to the prescription. That is, allowing the nurse’s readership area. In particular, the Medical Association questioned this.

The remaining main contents include ▲ nursing care protector and midwives are excluded from the scope of nursing law application ▲ Deletion of the regulations of the nursing laws ▲ deleting the regulations of the medical institutions ▲ deleting the survey of the status of the standard work guidelines Business related to support centers ▲ Including nursing association associations in legal organizations and preparing progress regulations.

Despite the deletion of various law provisions from the initial bill, the Medical Association is still negative in enacting the nursing law. Kim Min -seok, chairman of the welfare committee, one of the lawmakers who proposed the bill, said on the 16th, saying, “Doctor organizations should act at the level of people’s eyes.”

Chairman Kim said, “Following the opposition to the operating room CCTV in favor of the majority of the people, it is an irrational opposition to the (medical association) law that many people agree with.” Since the name and praise of the doctor’s organization has been poured out, the consultation is ripe to the opposite of the people’s eye level. ” At the same time, he asked the doctors’ associations to be self -helped, saying, “Before the group behavior, we will be able to match the group intelligence and eye level of our society.”

Shin Kyung -rim, chairman of the Korea Nursing Association, also said, “The intention of struggling with strikes is to make the people insecure and threatening.”

■ It’s still a typhoon in a teacup, but

Although it is a issue where the medical community splits into two, the public’s interest is not yet high. This is because the complex legal passages and the interests of functional groups are combined.

On the 15th, a national doctor’s Representative Congress was held in Seoul’s society. The protests in front of the National Assembly also took place, but public opinion was not very shaken.

Proving this is the number of events of the generated news. From the 9th to the 16th, the news big data analysis system, Big Kins, analyzed the news related to the Nursing Law. There are 74 news produced by 54 media including comprehensive daily newspapers such as newspapers, broadcasting, and the Internet.

In the Word Cloud, the related words of ‘doctors’ and ‘nurse’ appeared equally. Considering that news indirectly reflects the interest of public opinion, the conflict between doctors and nurses surrounding nursing methods is still no different from the typhoon in the teacup.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to consider that medical services are one of the issues directly related to our lives. It is not completely noticed yet, but the explosive power of the case is not small. When nursing methods are created, the change in medical services is inevitable. Doctors focus on the future of the future, and the nursing system focuses on the necessity of improving the medical system.

Eventually, before the one side is determined, the medical consumers will be determined by the change in the medical system and the result of the consumer gain. For the regime, the trigger of the first social conflict since the launch of the new government is not good.

In other words, it is unlikely that the issue, which is shining only the confrontation between doctors and nurses, will be expanded to the people and regime over time.

Those who are interested in the process of enacting the enactment of the Nursing Law, which are currently assumed by the National Assembly’s Health and Welfare Committee, are limited to doctors and nursing, but the decision of the National Assembly is also eliminated to be operated as another primer in our society, where more they ‘participate in’. It’s not possible.

Steam record broken: After all, an EA

The house blessing is likely to hang out at EA at the moment: the guarantee of success Battlefield weakens and the name debacle around FIFA also causes unrest. But at least one shooter currently shines enormously. Apex Legends now earns a big record on Steam.

Apex Legends: Steam player numbers are at one zenith

Stamping in 2019, the Battle Royale shooter from EA is simply splendid over three years later.

EA Play Não Funciona Direito na Steam. Veja o Que Está Acontecendo
Because with that on 10. 13th Season started in May. Apex Legends can exceed again. The shooter cracks his own player record on Steam. For the launch, 412,556 players at the same time to mouse and keyboard and fought for their survival in the arenas.

The new season is well received

The new Saviors season seems to be well received by the players. With the start, a fresh legend – Newcastle – and changes to the ranking system and storm point on the map have also found the game.

The technical performance for the launch of the 13th Season has also played Apex well for the player record. Because in contrast to the past and the start of the 12th Season, the shooter fans met stable servers this time.

Most recently, Apex Legends broke his own Steam record in February. At that time was roaming about 393,000 players through the arenas (source: Steamdb).

The current record is really impressive, but does not reflect the entire player of the shooter. Because this is only the end of the game on a platform.

If you add the players on the consoles and EAS own platform origin , the actual number should be much higher.

And APEX is also financially about: EA has indicated in a current report, since the release of has generated two billion US dollars with the shooter. In the future, the company would like to implement about one billion a year. The growing number of players will definitely support this ambitious goal (source: EA).

_Apex Legends is more popular on Steam than ever. In the following games, the popularity scale should be at the bottom: _

WOW: Classic – The best tank classes in the game

Unlike wow DPS options: classic,The tanks are slightly more limited in what they can do in the game. A handful of them will make the best obvious choices for the role because of their ability to undergo damage. Although the options are limited, those who are willing to follow the channel of the chariot will need a lot. Each good party needs a reliable tank to undergo the damage and carry it forward. Here are some of the best classes of _wow: Classic for those who want to be a tank.

The best classes to tank in wow: classic

Paladin – Protection

Although this is not the first choice for those looking to follow the road to a tank, you will find this a reliable option. As Paladin, you can wear the heaviest armor in the game and you can take several shots before you start to treat yourself. The downside is that you are not going to have too many completely defensive charging capacities. You will especially take care of yourself and attract the attention of party enemies, keep them away from the weakest members. Few people will want to choose for the role of tank, but if you are able to convince and prove that you have strong skills, you will always have a series of teammates who can call you to help a raid.

Warrior – Protection

By far, the best and most obvious of wow options: Classic for the role of the chariot. For those who choose to become a warrior, you will be a reliable and powerful damage of damage, or you will absorb the damage and stand for your party. You can do one or the other, but you need to descend into the protection skills tree. By choosing this, you will find yourself a valid member of the end -of -part team of the MMO. You will always have someone who needs you, and whenever you want, you are going to take a job at someone’s party. The main drawback of this road is that you will find the incredibly boring game as you reach level 60. It will last eternity too, so remember this if you choose this option.

BEST CLASS IN CLASSIC WOW (Tanks | DPS | Healers) - Most Popular Class Specs | Class Picking Guide

Druide – Faux fight

A less obvious choice than the warrior performing the protection construction, but it is a bit as if the paladin chose to descend a tank. You will stand for almost the whole fight and it will be difficult to shoot you. However, you are not the obvious choice and you will fight, because you are missing only a handful of critical defense capacities based on the warrior. You will be able to control the many small minions that run and you will have an excellent generation of threats thanks to several of your abilities. Again, like Paladin, you will have trouble keeping your skills defensive. As long as you have an excellent healer who monitors your back, you should excel and keep your party alive.

Shaman – Improvement

For those who will choose a shaman tank, you should know that very few of them agree with him. A shaman can undergo a little damage, but he will have trouble acquiring the threat of other henchmen. When they have the threat, they will find it difficult to stay alive, even with all their abilities to protect them. The best healer in the world will mumble about your choice and you will find your life more difficult for the whole party. However, if that’s what you would like to play, go for it. It is important to know that the class is not the first, or even the fifth choice for those looking for a tank. If your man is a shaman tank, you may want to remain faithful to your personalized party rather than looking for other people to invite you.

Caribus, D.P. Building a worldview of Kim Bo -tong writer

Kim Bo -tong will participate in the meta bus blockchain platform built by Caribus (CEO Yoon Jung -hyun).

Kim Bo -tong is the original author of ‘D.P.’, which was aired on Netflix in 2021, and also participated in the production of works. Kim, who presented various webtoons and essay works, shows many fans not only in Korea but also abroad by presenting artworks and solid stories that fit his work.

Caribus Co., Ltd., a joint venture between Carry Soft Co., Ltd. and Mentysco Co., Ltd., is preparing for a life -oriented game -type meta bus ‘Carry Park’ and a real -time turn -based PRG ‘Super Cola’. In the third quarter of 2022, before the game, the company plans to issue a PFP (Profile for Picture) NFT first. The PFP is the main character of the alien ‘Super Cola’ hidden in the appearance of the puppy doll. The core of this project is ‘companion’ and ‘communication’ with the user, and will be linked with ‘Carrie Park’ and ‘Super Cola’ to be released in the future.

PFP, Carry Park and Super Cola share a worldview. Kim Bo -tong will participate in the construction of this worldview and producing episodes, and the image made by the artist’s drawing will also be produced.

Caribus, meanwhile, received 3.1 billion investments from Central Investment Partners and CJ & Investment Partners in April. Starting with the partnership with Kim Bo -tong, we will accelerate the construction of a solid platform through a partnership with various characters and companies.

Matthews, McDavid and Schesterkin MVP

Who Is The NHL MVP Right Now? | Tim & Friends
McDavid, congenial teammate of Leon Draisaitl at the Edmonton Oilers, forced game seven against the Los Angeles Kings on Friday night, won the award in the previous year and 2017. The 25-year-old was the fourth time in the past six years
The best league in the world.
Matthews won the award for the best goal scorer for the second time, with 60 goals the attacker from the Toronto Maple Leafs achieved five more than pursuers draisaitl.
Schesterkin from the New York Rangers is also a candidate for the Vezina trophy as the best goalkeeper of the season.
On Wednesday, Moritz Seider was the first German for the Calder trophy as the best newcomer to the league.

The 21-year-old international came to 50 scorer points for the Detroit Red Wings in his first season.
Seider also takes part in the World Cup in Finland that begins this Friday and is a hope in the DEB team.

Image quality AMD FSR 2.0 is actually equal to NVIDIA DLSS 2.3

The official release of the AMD Fidelityfx Super Resolution 2.0 image was held, the algorithm for which does not require special tensor nuclei for itself, and therefore allows you to work on a much wider spectrum of devices than NVIDIA DLSS. Colleagues from TechPowerup did not miss the opportunity and compared the FSR 2.0 work with DLSS 2.3 using the example of Deathloop, the only game with supporting both technologies at the moment. It is also the first project with FSR 2.0 at all.

Impressive! AMD FSR 2.0 vs Nvidia DLSS, Deathloop Image Quality and Benchmarks

You can find a full comparison of technology work below, and we note that the final personnel look actually identical. Colleagues from Techpowerup are of a similar opinion.

The increase in performance from the use of APSCILERS was also approximately the same, but it must be borne in mind that testing was carried out on NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080.

Ambassador edition for the agricultural

The all-round-happy package for the “Agricultural Simulator 19″ (“LS 19”) comes. Developer and manufacturer Giants announces the “Agricultural Simulator 19: Ambassador Edition”, it contains all extensions and DLCs. The Swiss company fully relies on the immersive feel and sells the re -publication in a box. The “Agricultural Simulator 19: Ambassador Edition” will be available in Germany in Germany for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in sales of Astragon Entertainment.

LS 19: Ambassador brings all extensions

In addition to the main game, the “Ambassador Edition” offers the agricultural FNS two extensions and six DLCs, including the “Platinum” Add-on and the “Alpine Agriculture” Add-on, which an Alpine map and a variety of vehicles and machines Add. Furthermore, in six DLCs Kverneland, Vicon, Bourgault and other leading agricultural brands came into play-everyone is now united in a box on two discs.

  • Agriculture simulator 19-main game
  • Agricultural simulator 19-Platinum add-on

* Agricultural simulator 19-Alpine agriculture add-on
* Agricultural simulator 19-Anderson Group Equipment Pack
* Agricultural simulator 19-Kverneland & Vicon Equipment Pack
* Agricultural simulator 19-Grimme Equipment Pack
* Agricultural simulator 19-John Deere Cotton DLC
* Agricultural simulator 19-Bourgault DLC
* Agricultural simulator 19-Rottne Pack

LS 19: Ambassador ideal for beginners

Regardless of whether it is a preference for relaxing sandbox experiences solo or cooperative in agriculture, animal husbandry or forestry: The “Agricultural Simulator 19: Ambassador Edition” acts as a perfect starting point for the popular series of simulation. “With the new edition of the game, which now appears in-house, we offer a fantastic price-performance ratio,” commented Boris Stefan, Head of Publishing at Giants Software. It is clear what else should he say. But is right, the man, because even the slim premium edition currently costs 16.95 euros.

The “Ambassador Edition” contains three maps with European and American game environments for the development and expansion of an agricultural company. More than 475 authentically digitized machines from Case IH, Claas, Deutz-Fahr, Fendt, John Deere, Massey Ferguson, New Holland, Valtra and other well-known manufacturers are available to start agricultural activities. In addition, an almost endless number of user -generated content extends the agricultural experience with thousands of tested mods. For more information, see the official Farming Simulator website and on the Astragon homepage.

Epic Gamings and PlayStation collaborate to minimize the latency of battling video clip games

PS5 documents the best latency in KOF XV and also as Wccftech has shared, this comparison produced a wonderful debate in a reviewer, receiving the intervention of a participant of the Impressive Gamings staff, Simone Di Gravio, who comforted those present describing that are presently servicing the trouble : “We know this latency issue and also we are currently collaborating with Sony to aid impacted designers.”

There are numerous greats dealing with games utilized by Unreal Engine , consisting of wonderful titles such as Guilty Gear Stive or The King of Fighters XV: an engine that has actually provided such a good outcome to SNK that they are already using it for a brand-new ready a new video game. The most requiring PlayStation gamers do not appear completely satisfied with latency of Sony consoles.

Best Epic Games Launcher Optimisation * FPS BOOST + REDUCE INPUT DELAY *
A TS | Sabin Tweet, known in the Fightings area as Arturo or Nycfurby, aimed out that Xbox games had less latency than in PlayStation , in reaction to a relative shared by Kahikusu about the input lag videotaped in The King of Fighters XV in the different Sony as well as Microsoft consoles, where oddly, PS5 was even worse also for the different PS4 versions.

“It is extraordinary to see the interest of the battling neighborhood and also the initiatives dedicated to analyzing the technological nuances of the various titles,” stated Di Gravio, “Make sure we will do whatever feasible to help That your dear video games beam on all platforms “. If you wish to know even more regarding the most recent installment of the representative SNK struggle video game, she bears in mind that in 3Dgos you have our evaluation of The King of Fighters XV offered.

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