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Com2us Las Vegas Licensing Expo 2021 Participation

Best Solo Lane (EU) - 1000 Star Ranked Gameplay - Arena of Valor
Kim Jae-kyung (born December 24, 1988) is a South Korean actress and also singer. Before transitioning to acting full-time, she was a participant as well as leader southern Oriental lady team Rainbow.

[INTERNATIONAL SYSTEMS 24 Municipal Reporter] Com2us (Representative Song Jae-joon, Lee) participated in the Las Vegas Licensing Expo 2021 and Summer Nourn: Perforated Arena was presented for 30 days.

Las Vegas Licensing Expo 2021 was held on March 26 (January 26), and Com2us opened a virtual booth on the Expo homepage, We had a place to introduce our IP and seek collaboration.

Summer Nourners who are recognized for brand competitiveness in the global market are conducting various licensing businesses such as animation, comics, webtoons, and novels, including collaboration with Capcom’s ‘Street Fighter’.

COM2US has been planning to expand a variety of discussions for collaboration and business partnership with new global IPs through participation of the licensing expo, and expanded a powerful IP value chain centered on mobile games.

Licensing Expo 2021 is a exhibition held every year in Las Vegas. This year’s event, which has been working online to take advantage of the Virtual Booth, has participated in 193 companies in the world, including global companies in movies, games, and animation, which are securing global IP.

Com2us officials accelerate growth as a comprehensive content company through aggressive investment in the various promising companies for the various promising companies that have recently covered the overall game and cultural content, including the Recent Joints Week Studio acquisition, and I am widely informing its popularity IP Summer Nourning, and I expect to be able to create a collaborative opportunity with a variety of global businesses.

LOL The play of a professional in the fight for the Worlds who left the Streamers speechless

Battle of the Worlds is a tv collection generated by Fox Networks Team and also StudioCanal-backed Urban Misconception Films. The collection is produced and also written by Howard Overman, and also directed by Gilles Coulier and Richard Clark. The collection is a loosened adjustment of The War of the Worlds, an 1898 book by H. G. Wells concerning Earth coming to terms following an unexpected Martian intrusion. It is the 3rd tv adjustment of the story. It stars Gabriel Byrne and Sissy Edgar-Jones along with a set supporting cast.
The initial period contains eight episodes, and also first premiered in France in October 2019. An eight-episode 2nd period premiered in France in May 2021. War of the Worlds was renewed for a third period in July 2021, which is readied to air in 2022.

The competition of League of Legends wins in intensity as the year progresses, and the end of the regional leagues marks one of the most anticipated moments of the calendar for professional game fans. With room only for the best players in each continent, the teams have to fight to win the continental title and get a place for the Worlds 2021. A moment where there is no choice but to give everything and that can be defined.

Heroicism without a prize that could be worth a place in Worlds

One of the players who has given good faith of this situation has been Danny . The Evil Geniuses shooter signed in the fourth game of the series before 100 Thieves corresponding to the playoffs of LCS one of the best performances of him. A decisive moment in which they could have lost the confrontation, but in which the figure of an American handle emerged with desire to certify the good performances of him throughout the season.

10 Most Iconic Moments in League of Legends Esports History

Undefeated with Tristana and accumulating a KDA of 12 in the second half of the year, he was able to solve the ballot for his team achieving an unofficial pentakill ** who served to solve the map and who has received praises from all over the surroundings of the competitive League of Legends. The reactions did not wait and, thanks to the fact that many streamers were retransmitting the game simultaneously, it has left some reactions worthy of mention.

Personalities such as DoubleLift , ls , iwilldominate or yassuo letting you see your amazement with respect to the play achieved by the shooter. Some with more effusiveness and others noting that 100 Thieves could have done better, but in all cases recognizing that Danny had not taken a single mistake. All he did, from the decision of him to go to the offensive when he was locked up to the healing he looks for with the subjects, is a master class of how to play League of Legends.

Unfortunately, Evil Geniuses won that map but yielded the Fifth game of the series and will have to continue fighting if he wants to reach the next Worlds. Despite everything, I’m still alive in the chart of losers and played it before Team Solomid for continuing in the fight.

Twitch Streamer are really angry and planning large scale strike

Twitch has become one of the most popular streaming platforms, that does not mean that users are completely satisfied. Many are frustrated about the inactivity of the company when it comes to important questions – the community can not be enjoyed now.


Streamer are very dissatisfied with Twitch

The criticism of Twitch is getting louder. Streamer are frustrated about the inactivity of the platform for important points . In particular, the recent cases of plugin-doxxing and the failure to provide adequate measures to prevent large harassment campaigns against streamer, users now brings to the strike.

Under the hashtag ADAYOFTWITCH, some streamer has joined together. Your goal is to bring it as many as possible to stay away from Twitch at the strike day **. So you want to show how much power organized streamer can have about the platform – possible that on 1 September 2021 is not much going on.

We Are Continuing the Fight.

Shout out to @luciaeverblack and @Shineypen for Helping Me With This! #AdayoffWitch
September 1st, do not go live. pic.twitter.com/du1c9ytm

  • ʀᴇᴋ ɪᴛ, ʀᴀᴠᴇɴ! ☠ ???? (@Rekitraven) August 20, 2021

Twitch: What does the future look like?

Despite the many problems, Twitch is an important platform, because it offers many opportunities and ideas presented in a way that is rarely seen in the competition. When the Twitch plugin system makes a real-life adaptation possible by the SIMS, it is difficult to predict which creative things streeamer could be hired in the future with the platform.

Twitch has already made positive changes in the past , including the introduction of a less intrusive advertising system for Twitch viewers. Nonetheless, for many streamer, however, the behavior of Twitch and the reactions to criticism are unacceptable, and if the strike does not solve the problems, they may be forced to look after an alternative.

Ihr streams himself and needs inspiration? We help you:

The largest problems of the platform are still unresolved and it will be exciting to see if and how the company will react to this strike.

The best minecraft

Minecraft is a sandbox video clip game created by the Swedish video game developer Mojang Studios. The video game was created by Markus Notch Persson in the Java shows language. Following numerous early exclusive testing variations, it was initially revealed in Might 2009 prior to completely launching in November 2011, with Jens Bergensten then taking over development. Minecraft has actually given that been ported to numerous other systems as well as is the best-selling video game of all time, with over 200 million copies marketed and also 126 million regular monthly active individuals since 2020.
In Minecraft, gamers check out a heavyset, procedurally-generated 3D globe with basically infinite terrain, as well as may discover and extract resources, craft tools and products, and construct frameworks or earthworks. Depending on video game setting, players can deal with computer-controlled crowds, as well as comply with or complete versus other gamers in the exact same globe. Game settings include a survival mode, in which players should obtain sources to develop the world and maintain health and wellness, and an innovative mode, where players have endless resources and access to flight. Players can customize the video game to produce brand-new gameplay auto mechanics, things, and also possessions.
Minecraft has been seriously acclaimed, winning several awards as well as being pointed out as one of the greatest video clip games of perpetuity. Social network, apologies, adaptations, goods, and also the yearly MineCon conventions played big functions in promoting the game. It has likewise been used in instructional environments, especially in the realm of computing systems, as digital computer systems and also equipment devices have actually been integrated in it. In 2014, Mojang as well as the Minecraft copyright were bought by Microsoft for US$ 2.5 billion. A variety of spin-off games have actually likewise been produced, such as Minecraft: Tale Mode, Minecraft Dungeons, and Minecraft Planet.

**** Switch through a server portal and find yourself in Minecraft versions of Los Santos, Westeros and Middle earth Once you’ve played a while, you will search for the best Minecraft servers. These worlds are works of love that can be created and set up for years to make specific topics, well-known films and shows and much more. Everything from GTA 5, Pokemon, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones and more was built in Minecraft. These adapted Minecraft servers offer the opportunity to experience the charm of this world unique way. We’ll show you how to access them and give you a brief overview of the best and most interesting sights.

Valorant Masters Berlin These are the 16 classified teams that will compete in the tournament

Masters of the World (often referred to as the He-Man or She-Ra series) is a sword as well as sorcery-themed media franchise created by Mattel. The main facility focuses on the conflict between He-Man (the alter ego of Royal prince Adam) against Skeletor in the world Eternia, with a substantial schedule of sustaining personalities in a crossbreed setup of medieval sword and sorcery and also sci-fi technology. A follow-up series, She-Ra: Princess of Power revolves around He-Man’s sister She-Ra as well as her disobedience against The Horde in the world Etheria. Since its preliminary launch, the franchise business has spawned a range of products, including numerous lines of action figures, six computer animated tv collection, several comic collection, video games, books as well as publications, an everyday newspaper comic strip, as well as 2 attribute films (one computer animated, one live action).

With the completion of the VCT Challengers of Brazil, which ended with the title of Vivo Keyd over Havan Liberty, the 16 classified Valorant Masters Berlin were defined, the great Valorant International Championship that will be played from 9 to 19 September in the German capital . The great champion will have a direct square at the Valorant Champions, the first Riot Games FPS Worlds.

Brazil will be represented by Keyd and Havan, as it is entitled to two places in the Masters in Germany, which will also have representatives of North America, with 3 seats, EMEA, with 4, Latin America (1), South Korea (2 ), Japan (2) and Southeast Asia (2).

Below you can consult, list with all the classifieds and the performance of each of the teams in the regional editions of the VCT Challengers playoffs, which will have a direct impact on the definition of the serial heads of each region.


  • GAMBIT ESPORTS (RUSSIA) – VCT EMEA Champion: Challengers Playoffs
  • Super Massive Blaze (Turkey) – VCT EMEA Subcampeón – Challengers Playoffs
  • ACEND (Europe) – 3rd Place in VCT EMEA – Challengers Playoffs
  • G2 ESPORTS (Europe) – 4th place in VCT EMEA – Challengers Playoffs

North America

Sentinels (USA UU / Canada) – North America Champion of VCT: Challengers Playoffs
* 100 Thieves (USA UU / Canada) – VCT North America Subcampeon: Challengers Playoffs
* Team Envy (USA UU / Canada) – 3rd Place in VCT North America: Challengers Playoffs


  • Vivo KeyD – VCT Brazil Champion: Challengers Playoffs
  • Havan Liberty – Subcampeón VCT Brazil: Challengers Playoffs

Latin America

  • KRU ESPORTS (Chile / Argentina) – VCT Latin America Champion: Challengers Playoffs

How Many Players Are Online in Pixel Worlds? | Pixel Worlds Highlights

South Korea

  • Vision Strikers – VCT Korea Champion: Challengers Playoffs
  • F4Q – VCT Korean Subcampeon: Challengers Qualifiers


  • Zeta Division – VCT Japan Champion: Challengers Playoffs
  • Crazy Racoon – VCT Japan Subcampeón: Challengers Playoffs

Southeast Asia

  • Bren Esports (Philippines) – Southeast Asian VCT Champion: Challengers Playoffs
  • Paper Rex (Indonesia / Malaysia) – Subcampeon of VCT Southeast Asia: Challengers Playoffs

Contente of MGG B.

Twitch Streamer becomes SIM Chat decides when he eats and dust

A Twitch Streamer launches a gaming experiment with its spectators. He moves into a dollhouse and lets the chat decide when he eats or sleeps. As in a round the SIMS 4 many crazy situations arise.

Twitch Streamer lives in the dollhouse

The Sims from the game series of the same name have not always easy. Often they have to totally tired for hours of annoying household duties, while already fly around them. The Twitch Streamer Jerma985 had to learn that now on its own body. In his experiment with the name The Dollhouse (the dollhouse) he gives control of his actions to the spectators.

For the stream Jerma985 actually lived in a dollhouse consisting of more rooms and a front yard. As usual in the Sims series, viewers were also displayed various needs such as hunger, energy and hygiene . However, as in the game, it also has consequences if they are neglected. So as the spectators make deadlest demanded by him, though his energy meter was used up, it was called for the streamer Game Over.

Twitch viewers play the Sims 4

BONUS VIDEO - War Thunder Twitch Stream

The Twitch viewers have left only a few opportunities to bring the streamer into a embarrassed situation . For example, they order to take a shower while another person was in the room with him. For the complete recording of the stream you can stop by Jerma985 on the channel.

Compared to polygon, the streamer explains that he wanted to exceed the limits of the medium . His goal was to create an experience for the viewers, which looks like this, and feels like they were playing a video game.

The Twitch Streamer Jerma985 is determine his viewers about his life . The live round The Sims leads to many funny situations. Even the set looks like a house from the popular game series.

DFB team Mats Hummels obviously only in October

Mats Hummels is apparently not available to the German national team at the upcoming international matches. This reports the Kicker.

Accordingly, the 32-year-old will continue its construction program in Dortmund. The central defender had not been able to absorb regular preparation due to patellular sight problems and is only recently recently in team training.

Thus, Hummels would not only miss the World Cup qualifiers against Liechtenstein (September 2), Armenia (September 5) and Iceland (September 8), but also the debut of Hansi Flick. The 56-year-old, who has succeeded by Joachim Löw after the European Championship, could only return to the defense chief in October.

Flick will announce his first squad next Friday. From handsome pieces, however, the national coach could do without LEROY SANE.

Articles and videos about the topic
* Rose over Haaland: Need measure of frustration tolerance
* Nagelsmann talk: Flick well without San
* Experience top sport live on Dazn. Get your free month now!

According to SportBuzzzer, he talked in the run-up to the Bundesliga game of Bayern against the 1st FC Cologne (3: 2) with Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann. His successor in Munich did not say a lot of positive about Sane.

Oddworld Soulstorm gets a short and dark teaser

The nearest entry in the oddworld series gives us a brief insight.

Oddworld is a series that can be hard to grasp. It has passed through several different incarnations and has flowed into the game world with different generations and outwards. There is a renewed, with which the series will return to their roots ODDWorld: Soulstorm, and today we have a short (very short) teaser for the upcoming game.

The teaser titled Just a look in the dark is hardly more than ABE, one of the main players of the series, which runs through a very dark tunnel or a cave. The light is turned on and hidden and we hear a God-fearing noise, something we can only imagine what it could be before it is completely black. Look at it below.

ODDWorld: Soulstorm will be published at some point in 2020 for the PC and now for undefined console platforms. Information about the game is available in the interview with Lorne Lanning here about the developer of the franchise.

Tags: Nintendo Switch, Oddworld Residents, Oddworld: Soul Tower, PC, PS4, Xbox One

XQC tries root technology from Valorant

Shooter professionals are able to land precise shots that look impossible for normal players. Tyson Tenz NGO is a valorant professional and has released a video in which the viewers can admire his precision. The Streamer Félix XQC Lengyel tries to copy the technology in a livestream, but fails mercilessly.

XQC is one of the largest streamers on Twitch and is above all very versatile. Lately shows games like Bloons Tower Defense, GTA 5 or Roblox on his canal. However, he started his career as Oververtch professional and participated in the World Cup in the years 2017 and 2018.

Appropriate is XQC in Shooters and the different root techniques. In a LiveStream, he tried in the game Aim Lab, a simulation for targeted shooting in shooters, proving his hit accuracy.

He also tried to copy a technique from Valorant-Profi Tenz. But that was terribly wrong.

XQC fails at the Scorpion Grip

How to hit XQC? In an average round, the streamer came to a score of about 41,000 points and a hit accuracy of 75%. But that did not satisfy him.

War Thunder Funny and EPIC Moments 26
That’s why he looked at the video of Tenz and tried the Scorpion Grip. But in his first attempt, he absolutely sat down every shot:

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In the further course of the stream, the streamer still tried in several rounds of technology, but always broke off after a few seconds.

Frustrated, XQC gives up and refers to tezz a wink as a hacker: People, that’s a hacker. He is on chopping. That’s why people like I can not crack high scores.

More about Twitch on Meinmmo:

  • Twitch Streamer loses 12,700 € to gold in MMORPG, resting from family
  • Dr Disrespect wants to proceed against Twitch because of spanny – Will she sue damn hard!
  • After years, Twitch is finally fair – explains why you are banned

What is this for a root technology? Tez is one of the best Valorant players who are currently giving. In a video, the professional explains with which technique he shoots and as he achieved a strong value of 133,000 points in Aim Lab and a hit accuracy of 89% (via YouTube).

His technique he calls the Scorpion Grip, where he holds the middle finger in the air as a scorpion his sting. Otherwise, he puts on the normal Claw Grip, which many shooter players use.

In the video, Tenz also showed as he shot with the normal CLAW grip using the Mittelfinger. There, the pro only 109,000 points made an accuracy of 80%.

More about the different handle techniques in the mouse are here: How do I think my gaming mouse right? 3 Grafypes simply explained.

Line Games Unsembrane Teaser Site Open Released in 2H

[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] Line Games (Representative Kim Min-kyu) announced on the 24th that the official teaser site and SNS were opened by the Mobile and PC Multi Platform Key & Slash Games ‘Unsembrane Nuclear & Slash Games’ (Representative Jobs).

The official worldview of Unembar was released through a teaser site that is served in Korean and English. In addition, we showed new promotional video and skill introduction video through the official YouTube channel.

Facebook (Domestic) and Discord (overseas) have been entering the official SNS channel. Line Games plans to serve a variety of game information on the unidemer through teaser sites and SNS.

Unidember is characterized by a variety of contents that are faithful to the authentic nucleus and slash genre, and the various contents that are not poured into the flimmer and unreal engine 4, and the flashing combat content that felt the tastes that are felt.

This game has been disclosed for the first time in April’s new public events ‘LPG 2021’ of the Line Games. The unlisted service will start service this second half of this year.

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