Dokev at first sight, above all, colorful, game and driven out: Yesterday, a detailed trailer was shown as part of the Opening Night Live Show for Gamescom 2021. It’s full of information about the game and introduces the game world. In Dokev, it is especially important to gather similar to Pokémon creatures that are called dokebi and inspired by Korean mythology. There is a chic, vibrant Open World with a lot of exploration and action.

DokeV is Back!! | Monster Taming Adventure Game with Realtime Combat!

Dokev should be originally an MMO, but that’s history

New gameplay trailer: Before we go into detail, you should best look at the spectacle in the gameplay trailer shown yesterday. Then you know what to do here for a style to do it here:

However, this is not the first time that Dokev was shown. There was already the announcement some time ago, but since then a lot has changed. For example, the main alignment of Dokev. Originally, the title should become an MMO, so above all online with many other people as multiplayer work.

What is Dokev for a game? The MMO plans are now probably completely from the table, as developer studio Pearl Abyss stresses on Twitter. Instead, a rather classic action adventure awaits us with a large Open World, which applies it to explore. But the whole thing is to be very lively and fun – and so the trailer looks too.

Link to Twitter content

The focus is on collecting the documentary creatures. The ways an interesting background history: In Korean mythology and folklore, the namely, the people live with humans and influence their dreams that make it power. Who supports you, will be rewarded by you with courage and strength.

Other features: That was not everything yet. The trailer has already shown that Dokev offers a colorful mix of activities, such as the following:

  • Collect the documentary
  • Explore the game
  • Real-time combat system
  • Boss fights
  • Various means of transport (like skateboards and floating umbrellas)
  • Fishing

Above all, the impressive and lively game world should be in the foreground. Fitting to the Open World character, the developers put a lot of value on a free game style, exploration and diverse, different activities.

When is it? There is no official release date for Dokev unfortunately not yet. This is probably a bit of concern for some people, because Crimson Desert demonstrated by the same developer studio last year in the Game Awards, but then postponed indefinitely. As platforms have been called PC and consoles.

How do you find the trailer and the information about Dokev?