Rouge Earth Gamings’ massive new upgrade for _ PlanetSide 2 _, Assimilation, is now reside on PlayStation 4. The update itself sees overhauls to its Nanite Systems Operatives faction.

The update itself sees two brand-new cars included, in addition to UI update, new regulation trees, weapons and also even more. Furthermore, the NSO intrigue itself is now free-to-play for all gamers, moving it out of Daybreak All Gain access to exclusivity. The Nanite Systems Operatives faction is assigned to eliminate for the faction in video game with the fewest quantity of gamers online, as well as currently all gamers will have the ability to make the most of this, regardless of Daybreak All Accessibility … erm … accessibility.

The udpate hits PS4 after technical hurdles stopped a few of the brand-new web content which hit the COMPUTER earlier, such as Chapter 03 and also the new Control Website Center. While the upgrade itself brings a few of the web content (though not all according to a post on the PS2 web site late last week), it does mark among the largest updates pertaining to _ PlanetSide 2 _ on PS4 to date.

Nevertheless, the hold-ups themselves do profit PS4 users as the group at RPG state that they are bringing over a great deal of wins from the updates themselves.

That portion is a little bittersweet, but the advantage is that we’re bringing over a great deal of victories from previous updates right here at the same time: things like the Scorpion rocket launcher, animation repairs for crouch spam, balance updates, UI and QoL enhancements, as well as volumetric god rays, to name a few. In addition to that, there are plenty of PS4-specific bug solutions woven with the update as well.

You can dive right into the Assimilation update now on the console.