The nearest entry in the oddworld series gives us a brief insight.

Oddworld is a series that can be hard to grasp. It has passed through several different incarnations and has flowed into the game world with different generations and outwards. There is a renewed, with which the series will return to their roots ODDWorld: Soulstorm, and today we have a short (very short) teaser for the upcoming game.

The teaser titled Just a look in the dark is hardly more than ABE, one of the main players of the series, which runs through a very dark tunnel or a cave. The light is turned on and hidden and we hear a God-fearing noise, something we can only imagine what it could be before it is completely black. Look at it below.

ODDWorld: Soulstorm will be published at some point in 2020 for the PC and now for undefined console platforms. Information about the game is available in the interview with Lorne Lanning here about the developer of the franchise.

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