A Twitch Streamer launches a gaming experiment with its spectators. He moves into a dollhouse and lets the chat decide when he eats or sleeps. As in a round the SIMS 4 many crazy situations arise.

Twitch Streamer lives in the dollhouse

The Sims from the game series of the same name have not always easy. Often they have to totally tired for hours of annoying household duties, while already fly around them. The Twitch Streamer Jerma985 had to learn that now on its own body. In his experiment with the name The Dollhouse (the dollhouse) he gives control of his actions to the spectators.

For the stream Jerma985 actually lived in a dollhouse consisting of more rooms and a front yard. As usual in the Sims series, viewers were also displayed various needs such as hunger, energy and hygiene . However, as in the game, it also has consequences if they are neglected. So as the spectators make deadlest demanded by him, though his energy meter was used up, it was called for the streamer Game Over.

Twitch viewers play the Sims 4

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The Twitch viewers have left only a few opportunities to bring the streamer into a embarrassed situation . For example, they order to take a shower while another person was in the room with him. For the complete recording of the stream you can stop by Jerma985 on the channel.

Compared to polygon, the streamer explains that he wanted to exceed the limits of the medium . His goal was to create an experience for the viewers, which looks like this, and feels like they were playing a video game.

The Twitch Streamer Jerma985 is determine his viewers about his life . The live round The Sims leads to many funny situations. Even the set looks like a house from the popular game series.