Shooter professionals are able to land precise shots that look impossible for normal players. Tyson Tenz NGO is a valorant professional and has released a video in which the viewers can admire his precision. The Streamer Félix XQC Lengyel tries to copy the technology in a livestream, but fails mercilessly.

XQC is one of the largest streamers on Twitch and is above all very versatile. Lately shows games like Bloons Tower Defense, GTA 5 or Roblox on his canal. However, he started his career as Oververtch professional and participated in the World Cup in the years 2017 and 2018.

Appropriate is XQC in Shooters and the different root techniques. In a LiveStream, he tried in the game Aim Lab, a simulation for targeted shooting in shooters, proving his hit accuracy.

He also tried to copy a technique from Valorant-Profi Tenz. But that was terribly wrong.

XQC fails at the Scorpion Grip

How to hit XQC? In an average round, the streamer came to a score of about 41,000 points and a hit accuracy of 75%. But that did not satisfy him.

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That’s why he looked at the video of Tenz and tried the Scorpion Grip. But in his first attempt, he absolutely sat down every shot:

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In the further course of the stream, the streamer still tried in several rounds of technology, but always broke off after a few seconds.

Frustrated, XQC gives up and refers to tezz a wink as a hacker: People, that’s a hacker. He is on chopping. That’s why people like I can not crack high scores.

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What is this for a root technology? Tez is one of the best Valorant players who are currently giving. In a video, the professional explains with which technique he shoots and as he achieved a strong value of 133,000 points in Aim Lab and a hit accuracy of 89% (via YouTube).

His technique he calls the Scorpion Grip, where he holds the middle finger in the air as a scorpion his sting. Otherwise, he puts on the normal Claw Grip, which many shooter players use.

In the video, Tenz also showed as he shot with the normal CLAW grip using the Mittelfinger. There, the pro only 109,000 points made an accuracy of 80%.

More about the different handle techniques in the mouse are here: How do I think my gaming mouse right? 3 Grafypes simply explained.