Twitch has become one of the most popular streaming platforms, that does not mean that users are completely satisfied. Many are frustrated about the inactivity of the company when it comes to important questions – the community can not be enjoyed now.


Streamer are very dissatisfied with Twitch

The criticism of Twitch is getting louder. Streamer are frustrated about the inactivity of the platform for important points . In particular, the recent cases of plugin-doxxing and the failure to provide adequate measures to prevent large harassment campaigns against streamer, users now brings to the strike.

Under the hashtag ADAYOFTWITCH, some streamer has joined together. Your goal is to bring it as many as possible to stay away from Twitch at the strike day **. So you want to show how much power organized streamer can have about the platform – possible that on 1 September 2021 is not much going on.

We Are Continuing the Fight.

Shout out to @luciaeverblack and @Shineypen for Helping Me With This! #AdayoffWitch
September 1st, do not go live.

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Twitch: What does the future look like?

Despite the many problems, Twitch is an important platform, because it offers many opportunities and ideas presented in a way that is rarely seen in the competition. When the Twitch plugin system makes a real-life adaptation possible by the SIMS, it is difficult to predict which creative things streeamer could be hired in the future with the platform.

Twitch has already made positive changes in the past , including the introduction of a less intrusive advertising system for Twitch viewers. Nonetheless, for many streamer, however, the behavior of Twitch and the reactions to criticism are unacceptable, and if the strike does not solve the problems, they may be forced to look after an alternative.

Ihr streams himself and needs inspiration? We help you:

The largest problems of the platform are still unresolved and it will be exciting to see if and how the company will react to this strike.