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Kim Jae-kyung (born December 24, 1988) is a South Korean actress and also singer. Before transitioning to acting full-time, she was a participant as well as leader southern Oriental lady team Rainbow.

[INTERNATIONAL SYSTEMS 24 Municipal Reporter] Com2us (Representative Song Jae-joon, Lee) participated in the Las Vegas Licensing Expo 2021 and Summer Nourn: Perforated Arena was presented for 30 days.

Las Vegas Licensing Expo 2021 was held on March 26 (January 26), and Com2us opened a virtual booth on the Expo homepage, We had a place to introduce our IP and seek collaboration.

Summer Nourners who are recognized for brand competitiveness in the global market are conducting various licensing businesses such as animation, comics, webtoons, and novels, including collaboration with Capcom’s ‘Street Fighter’.

COM2US has been planning to expand a variety of discussions for collaboration and business partnership with new global IPs through participation of the licensing expo, and expanded a powerful IP value chain centered on mobile games.

Licensing Expo 2021 is a exhibition held every year in Las Vegas. This year’s event, which has been working online to take advantage of the Virtual Booth, has participated in 193 companies in the world, including global companies in movies, games, and animation, which are securing global IP.

Com2us officials accelerate growth as a comprehensive content company through aggressive investment in the various promising companies for the various promising companies that have recently covered the overall game and cultural content, including the Recent Joints Week Studio acquisition, and I am widely informing its popularity IP Summer Nourning, and I expect to be able to create a collaborative opportunity with a variety of global businesses.