In the context of crash tests, accident research loses exactly what makes a traffic accident with the vehicle occupants – how much they hurt themselves and in what form.

However, this is important and meaningful procedures because of the person of the accident victim in criticism. It usually plays a dummy that embodies the so-called 50 percentile man. He is the middle-European average type of par excellence – 175 centimeters large, 78 kilograms heavy.

Differing from the norm

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Women, children or otherwise deviating from physical average dummies come in case of crash, but rarely. This is therefore problematic because the results of the tests also inflow into those measures taken to make cars as safe as possible.

Due to masculine-oriented ergonomics and safety technology, the Goslar Institute carried by HUK-Coburg insurance has already criticized last year, women and generally smaller people in accidents would often suffer heavier injuries and more frequently.

48 to 125 kilograms

The ADAC wanted to know if different people are actually protected well from restraint systems such as straps and airbags. For this purpose, the club has made comparative crash tests with dummies of different size and weight. Between 48 and 125 kilograms, the dolls weighed, their height was 1.51 to 1.91 meters. Once once they were placed by the accident researchers on the driver and the passenger seat.

Double occupied: light dummy on the driver, his heavier friend in the passenger seat. ADAC / RALPH WAGNER

A concern of the tester was also to compare the effect of conventional and adaptive restraint systems. Brief Definema Declaration: Adaptive Systems use sensors, for example, see how violently the collision fails and how big and heavy the occupant is even his age verify. In this way it is possible for you to provide an optimized protective effect.

As a result of the crash tests, it turned out that the adaptive systems could actually reduce the burdens of an accident, especially on the mentioned average man, the little woman and the older lady among the dummies. It was different from the particularly large and heavy occupant – it, then it said, could only protect the conventional straps and airbags sufficiently. It would make sense for this group of people to pay attention to additional alternative restraint systems such as knee airbags or multiple harness.

problematic from 60

In addition, the ADAC examined whether passenger passengers in frontal summarizes due to size and weight are in principle affected by an increased risk of injury. There were no differences between male and female passengers. However, so warns the club, the age could play a role – because of the reducing bone density, people would suffer themselves beyond the 60 more common injury, especially affected are head, chest and abdominal.

Please with belly

The fact that accident research intenses non-standard dummies also has Siegfried Brockmann – head of the accident research of German insurance (UDV) – already demanded: Senior dummies hover him, but also those with belly. Because the Central Europeans are not only older, but also thicker. Who knows how long the 50-percentile man weighs 50 kilograms.