Lugia (ルギア, Rugia,) is a Pokémon types in Nintendo and also Game Freak’s Pokémon franchise. Created by Takeshi Shudo and also attracted by Ken Sugimori, Lugia was the main character of the film Pokémon: The Movie 2000. It later on acted as the variation mascot of the video clip game Pokémon Silver and its remake, Pokémon SoulSilver, appearing both on package art and in-game. It additionally appeared in the Pokémon anime, numerous merchandise, spin-off titles as well as printed adjustments of the franchise, such as Pokémon Adventures. In computer animated appearances, Lugia is articulated in Japanese by Koichi Yamadera, and also by Eric Rath in the English dub.
In the Pokémon cosmos, Lugia is highly connected with the sea, and the aspect of water, in comparison to Ho-Oh, the version mascot of Pokémon Gold and also Pokémon HeartGold, which is connected with fire. As a Psychic-type as well as Flying-type Pokémon, Lugia has several psychic capacities, such as telepathy, as well as can fly, in addition to its water-based powers. While portrayed as a man in the initial film, it was originally envisioned as a mother’s Pokémon that shared male and also female attributes. Lugia has received positive reception from doubters, mentioning the animal’s design.

While many years of players have seen his arrival a few times, it’s always fun when lugia returns. Back Pokémon Go Raids. This time, with his return for the season of the Unfug in September 2021, there is an additional bonus that he will show his aeroblast signature train. But he will only be available for a short time, so you should have the best Lugia Raid Counter ready and know how to defeat Lugia in September 2021.

Lugia Raid Guide

In this Lugia Raid Guide we explain everything you need to know to defeat Lugia in September 2021. And of course, the most important key to victory is the best Lugia brands in Pokémon Go.

The Best Lugia Counters – September 2021

Here are the best Lugia counter in Pokémon Go for September 2021. If you already play a while, you’ve probably already set up a solid team of counters. However, much has changed since this legendary bird has flew the last time in Pokémon Go. So look at the best numerators and make your team accordingly.

Pokémon | Fast attack | Charged attack
— | — |-
Zekrom | Cargo carrier | Wild load
Thunduros (Therian) | Voltage switch | lightning
Giratina (origin) | Shadow Claw | Shadowball
Rhyperior | Sayback | Boulder
Darkrai | Growlish | Shadowball
Weavile | Growlish | avalanche
Galaric Darmanitan | Scuff | avalanche
Rampardos | Sayback | Ray
Magnetzone | Spark | Wild load

Together with these you want to use Shadow Pokémon if you have it with the right moveset. We recommend Shadow Raikou or Electivire with Thunder Shock and Wild Charge, Shadow Zapdos with Thunder Shock and Thunerbolt or Shadow Mamoswine with Powder Snow and Avalanche. For your mega evolution we recommend Mega Gengar with Lick and Shadow Ball when you decide for one.

Once you have made your team, you are almost ready to go. Continue reading our Lugia Raid Guide for more information and tips.

When start and end Lugia Raids in September 2021

Lugia returns to legendary Raids on Wednesday, September 1st at 10am local time. They then only have about two full weeks to fight against them, as they leave on Tuesday, September 14 at 10am local time to make either UXIE, MESPRIT or AZELF, depending on the region.

How many players have to beat Lugia?

Lugia has always been one of the legendary raid bosses in Pokémon Go, which means that you probably need a bigger team than you may expect. Of course, a solid team of three high-ranking coaches with powerful counters and bonuses such as best friends fulfill the task. For most, however, we would recommend at least five players, and the more they have available to fight, the better.

How to catch Shiny Lugia, Lugia can be shiny in September 2021?

Yes, Lugia can be shiny in September 2021, which means that players are likely to participate in these RAIDs, regardless of whether they have caught them before or not. How to catch Shiny Lugia in Pokémon Go is the only way to win as many raids as possible. On Wednesday, the 1st and 8th of September, there will be two RAID hours from 18 to 19 o’clock, so this is a great chance to start a lot of battles and roll the cubes. The probability for a legendary RAID is normally at one to twenty, but these are unofficially. The more you win, the higher the chance to catch Shiny Lugia, so make your team and good luck.

Shiny Lugia picture of Ken Sugimori.

And this is our Lugia Raid Guide for Pokémon Go in September 2021. Hopefully you can now use the best Lugia brands, as you know how to defeat Lugia.

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