RaiderZ (elegant as RaiderZ) was a massively multiplayer online parlor game (MMORPG) developed by the now inoperative Oriental programmer MAIET Enjoyment. It was released in North America in November 2012 by Perfect World Enjoyment. The video game is free-to-play and also no regular monthly membership charge is required because of the service being moneyed by genuine cash transactions by means of the in-game money shop.
On July 14, 2017 the RaiderZ Facebook web page uploaded an upgrade specifying Journey’s Begin The programmer is now listed as Masangsoft

You can mount a strider in Minecraft in the Nether version 1.16 update. These creatures look like floating jelly bags with small hairs on the side of the head. They are impervious to the lava, and by riding them, it is easy to travel through the highly infested waters of the nether lava. The first thing you will need is to create a saddle so you can mount one, but you also need a distorted fungus to help attract and direct the strider while driving it.

Finding a saddle will be the most delicate part. You can find it in a trunk in the dungeon, the remnant of the bastion, the desert temple, the city of the end, the temple of the jungle, the fortress of the nothingness, the fortress or a village. A trunk of the donjon has the greatest chance for you to find a saddle at 28%. With a saddle in your inventory, head to the nether using a nether portal, and you can start creating a distorted fungus on a stick. It works in the same way that you use a carrot on a stick for a pork.

The distorted fungus grows in the Biome of the NETHER distorted fungus. The blocks of this biome are strangely blue, and you should have many small blue and orange mushrooms on the floor. Collect one and attach it to a fishing rod to create a distorted fungus on a stick. In the same distorted mushroom biome, you should be able to find striders nearby. They wander and fire regularly at these places. Take out your saddle and attach it to the back of your chosen spider, and you can now mount it like other mounting animals.

Your spider will move as he wishes until you use the mushroom distorted on a stick in front of him to direct it. The object has a defined life that allows the strider to propel forward and walk at increased speed, so be sure to keep an eye on what remains while you guide your new mount.