For here we have talked enough about Disc Elysium because we love it and, now, we return to the burden with good news. DISC ELYSIUM – The Final Cut will have a launch in physical format for PS4 that you can reserve. It will be available as of November 9 and you can reserve it from this link.

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Physical editions for PlayStation 4 are compatible with the free update to the new generation of PlayStation 5 consoles and include a drop-down poster of 18 x 24 and a digital code for an extensive book of art of more than 190 pages. It sounds good, huh?

DISC ELYSIUM: The Final Cut adds a lot of content that I did not have in its premiere. As the translation into Spanish – which was already on PC through an update – and new content, such as dubbing in English of the innumerable lines of dialogue or the inclusion of new content that complement it at the argument level. Small retouching that improve an essential if you like gender.

It is a game that combines graphic adventure with role. On the one hand it is true that it has the control problem in consoles, which is less comfortable with command than with mouse. But his history and charisma of his characters, as well as his political environments will catch you fully.

If you want to know more, we leave you our disc analysis Elysium for PS4 and PS5 .