The Fédération Internationale de Hockey (English: International Hockey Federation), commonly recognized by the acronym FIH, is the international controling body of field hockey as well as indoor field hockey. Its headquarters remain in Lausanne, Switzerland and the head of state is Dr Narinder Dhruv Batra. FIH is accountable for area hockey’s significant international competitions, significantly the Hockey World Mug.

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For many rule design, the DEL as well as the International Hockey Association IIHF is based on the NHL. International Hockey introduces the most important new rules …

Trapeze behind the gate: In the DEL, goalkeepers were allowed to play the Puck behind the baseline so far without restriction. Now the trapezoid (German: trapezec) were imported. Within these lines, the goalkeeper may continue to play the slice. Outside a two-minute penalty is pronounced due to game delay. Also new is that goalkeepers are allowed to hold the puck only after direct defenses and near the gate. Otherwise, a two-minute penalty threatens for game delay.

Outside: In the future, the blue line becomes three-dimensional. Thus, the skid no longer has to touch the line on the ice, but it also applies their position in the air. In order not to be offside, at least one skating must be at the height of the blue line.

Characteristics and more: The sentence of 2 + 2 + 10 penalty minutes is eliminated, instead, a great penalty (5 minutes) will be pronounced according to NHL model. Taking off the gloves will no longer be punished. The referees have the opportunity to extend the penalty to a disciplinary penalty, for example when the helmets are pulled out or stripped on the ground. After three struggles in the regular season, the player in question is blocked for a game. In the playoffs, two fist clubs are enough for a game lock.

Video proof as reinsurance: In the future, the referee must check any great penalty (5 minutes or more) again by video proof and can mitigate the sentence on a two-minute penalty. At 2 + 2-minute penalty because of a high floor with injury sequence, the decision can be taken back to video proof, the racket of a teammate or the puck for the injury should have been causative. Also, the referees have the ability to check content scenes in front of a hit, such as a time or a handpass.

Tor according to whistle: Slipped the puck in a tummer over the goal line, though already whistled, the position of the disc counted at the moment of the whistle. In the future, even after whistled, it is decided on goal, if it was still the original shot and not a dewisher.

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