Chinese authorities have reported to the game industry’s entry into a company such as September 8, 202, 2002, and National Thailand.

According to the report, the authorities guidance to ensure that the authorities have been announced enhanced net game regulation for minors . Besides, it seems that severe disposal to violation companies is also considered, as well as prohibiting extremum content including violation companies.

What are the current Thai customs tariffs on software?

In addition, Hong Kong Media SCMP reports that the authorities are expected to temporarily freeze new online game approval . China and Hong Kong Stock Market has fallen from 8th to the stock of game-related companies, and US deposit securities from companies such as Tencent and Net Yues are falling in the United States.

Taking China’s Internet game regulations, it is expressed that state-owned Xinhei communication related paper is mental open on the online game on August 3, 2021. Various impacts have occurred, such as a passage of gaming companies plunging significantly.