This checklist of most-downloaded Google Play applications consists of the majority of the free apps that have actually been downloaded greater than 500 million times, as well as the majority of the paid apps that have been downloaded and install a lot more than one million times on distinct Android devices. There are various Android applications that have been downloaded a lot more than one million times from the Google Play application shop, as well as it was reported in July 2017 that there are 319 apps which have actually been downloaded a minimum of 100 million times as well as 4,098 applications have actually been downloaded and install at the very least ten million times. The barrier for access on this listing is established at 500 million completely free applications to restrict the size of this listing. Several of the applications in this list are dispersed pre-installed on top-selling Android tools and might be thought about bloatware by some individuals due to the fact that users did not actively choose to download them. The table listed below shows the variety of Google Play apps in each classification.

The character Raiden Shogun from Genshin Impact is the most popular character of the game according to the sales figures. However, there is one thing that the ruler and the goddess can not do in a whole country: cook! To the community has a lot of fun.

There is practically nothing that the electronic goddess Raiden Shogun can not do. She directs armies, governs a whole country and has some skills that would now be a spoiler in history. But when cooks? She stops there! If Raiden was a guest at the perfect celebrity dinner, it would be anything less perfect.

The Genshin Impact community laughs at this: If you stop facing a stove with a character, you can choose between all the characters that the plate should prepare. With a bit of luck, some of them will even make special dishes or can produce twice as much.

Raiden Shogun can not prepare dishes

Solo Raiden Shogun can not cook. Not at all. The game knows how to prevent this with calm consciousness, because you can not even select them to cook. The Hu Tao character is also known as a terrible chef in Genshin Impact. But at least he can cook, although with the additional effect: With the perfect preparation of the dishes, there is also a probability of 18% for the failed variant of the respective dish.

We would like to know what Raiden Shogun will prepare when you do not even be allowed to take the wooden spoon? Probably not …

Razor, a child raised by wolves, can also prepare special potato pancakes. Raiden, on the other hand, does not even create a simple fried egg. Maybe that’s why he likes so sweets so much?

While all weapons have special effects names such as strong will arrow or pure protective heart , Mihoyo carries the joke even further with Raiden Shogun weapon. Your spear has the effect timeless dream – eternal home .

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the community thinks it’s funny

RaiderZ in 2021
Players take it easy: They even create videos and memes that deceive the Electro Goddess and exalt the inability of it:

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Gordon Ramsay is also often used to create fun memes. He is a famous British chef with his own program and many fun scenes on YouTube. He often uses phrases and insults that are iconic as the famous idiot sandwich .

The user of Reddit Stealthless has created a short video with Raiden and Xiangling, in which they recreate the scene with the idiot sandwich (via Reddit).

The Reddit Doctor-Dean user even noticed under the publication:

The best part is: Xiangling is on Baal’s banner.

through Reddit

What does that have funny? Xiangling is a very well-known and very good chef of Liyue. She prepares all the dishes with passion and some show her respect. It almost seems as if Mihoyo did everything possible to exhaust the joke as much as possible, and they achieved it. Or what you think?

In conclusion, it remains to be said: What ruler and even goddess cooks herself? You leave that (Sara) cook!

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