[INTERNATIONAL SYSTEMS 24 Municipal] NHN (Representative Jeong Woo-jin) participates in the Life Torn Green Light Campaign , which announces the meaning and value of long-term donation, and implement the Heart-shaped lights using the Louver of the District Museum from the 13th.

The Life Sharing Green Light Campaign is an event that reveals green lights in long-term donation symbols in national landmarks in the National Landmark.

Green lighting is a campaign for the purpose of expressing the hope of transplanted waiting with a gratitude message for donor and medical staff practicing life sharing. To date, a variety of local governments and companies have announced the doctor who will join and join the green lights in famous attractions such as Lotte World Tower and Gwangan Bridge.

This year, NHN, who participates in the campaign for two consecutive years, from September 13 to 14th, from 6:00 to 8:00 to 8:00 am, to 8:00 am, And produce.

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NHN said, After last year, NHN has been informed the role of NHN to announce the valuable message of long-term donation, he said. I hope to be a meaningful instrument.