It seems that we have a finish on the modification of Runelite HD to Old School Runescape, created by a fan for two years, which has been cassed by developers of the previously mentioned game, Jagerex.

In the whole matter, both sides were guilty, the creator of modification did not receive any official permission, yet he continued to work on her, developers in turn the PR-this whole settled. Anyway, you can read everything in the two previous articles, I will not torment you on this story once again.

In the end of the terms from Jagerex, the agreement was reached and the modification itself will be made available to all Runescape players on Monday 13 September, of course for free. Details can be found here.

From a different page, a little pity to achieve a solution on this dispute, she had to create such a big scandal, as if you could not normally get along before, Ehh.

This Runescape Fan Project Created a Functioning Grand Exchange! [Minescape2]

Great News!

  • 117 (@ 117scape) SEPTEMBER 10, 2021