Thanks to an update available for download tomorrow, the PlayStation 5 owners will be able to extend their storage capacity via the addition of a M.2 SSD disk, that it will be possible to install regardless of the Machine model. This will obviously be useful for downloading, copying and throwing PS5 or PS4 games, but also to move the data between the storage options. This is obviously only the emerged part of a big iceberg of modifications that we detail you below.

To return to the question of the storage extension, the SSD DISCs M.2 must respect the minimum size and performance requirements indicated below. This M.2 SSD disc will have to be equipped with an efficient heat dissipation system with a cooling structure, such as a heat sink or thermal transfer sheet. It will be possible to fix them yourself on your SSD M.2 disk, either in single-sided format or in double-sided format (single-sided cooling structures are easier to install). There are also SSD drives M.2 with cooling structures (such as integrated heat sink). Just go to this page or follow the instructions in the video below for installation in practice.

Technical Specs | Nature
— | —
Interface | SSD Disc M.2 NVME Compatible PCI-Express GEN4X4 (Key M)
Storage | 250 GB ~ 4 TO
Supported formats | 2230, 2242, 2260, 2280, 22110
Width | Up to 25 mm
Length | 30/40/60/80/110 mm
Thickness | Up to 11.25 mm
(up to 8 mm above the card, up to 2.45 mm below the card)
Sequential play speed | Speed ​​of at least 500 MB / s recommended
Type of socket | Socket 3 (key m)

Specifying that Sony does not provide any guarantee as to the operation of the SSD devices M.2 respecting the specifications prescribed with your console, and rejects any liability for the choice, performance or use of third-party products. It is also good to note that, according to the manufacturer, all the games will not necessarily benefit from the same performance as with the internal SSD disk of the PS5 console, even if the sequential playback speed of the SSD Device M.2 is greater than 5,500 MB / s. We are magic where we are not.

a polish for the interface

Sony Pulse 3D P …

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The user experience will also experience some welcome adjustments, such as much faster access to trophies, with follow-up to access a maximum of five game trophies from the control center, which was not luxury. Players will also be able to see the PS5 trophies of others since their PS4 and vice versa.

A control center that will generally leave much more freedom in reorganization. In addition, the Game Base Review and Corrected will quickly display messages, see more quickly the login status of its friends, or manage the invitations more easily. Another relief, the game library will show directly if the set installed corresponds to a PS4 or PS5 version, including on the home screen. Finally, for those who use it, the voice playback function in vocal can be paused, or repeat its instructions.

For audio fans, this maj will support 3D audio for loudspeakers built into TVs. Once applied, the update will turn the audio from the standard channel from the TV to a three-dimensional sound, theory reinforcing the feeling of immersion in the games. Players will be able to measure the acoustics of their room using the microphone of their dualsense wireless controller, in order to apply optimal adjustment for their environment. Players who have acquired a 3D Pulse wireless headset will have access to the equalizer settings from the sound control menu.

Finally, note among the options available the presence of a new type of leader , to make you recognize as the pillar of your game partners after an online match. Finally, highlight improvements to PS Remote Play and PS App applications; From now on, Players using the mobile application for iOS and Android will be able to use a mobile data connection when no Wi-Fi network is available . Note, however, that a broadband connection of at least 5 Mbps is required for the PS Remote Play application, climbing to 15 Mbps for optimal experience. Finally, from Thursday, September 23, an update of the PS APP application will be deployed to allow users to see the PS5 broadcasts sharing their friends .

FAQ SSD on PS5 (via Sony)

Can I insert a SATA drive into the PS5 console?
No. SSD DISCs M.2 SATA are not supported.

Do I have to remove the M.2 SSD disc if I send my PS5 console in repair?
Yes. Please remove the M.2 SSD disc from your console before sending it to repair.

Can I format a partition of the SSD Disc M.2 to use it on a PS5 console?
No, you must completely format the SSD drive M.2.

Can we install a thermal sink on a M.2 SSD disk with an integrated thermal sink?
No. If your M.2 SSD disk has an integrated thermal sink, we do not recommend adding an additional heat sink. This could reduce the effectiveness of the integrated thermal heatsink.

How is a SSD Disc M.2 different from the USB extended storage on PS5 console?
PS5 games are playable from a M.2 SSD storage.
PS5 games can be downloaded directly to a M.2 SSD storage.
PS5 games can be updated directly on M.2 SSD storage.

Is it possible to store some of the game data on the console storage and the remaining data on SSD storage M.2?
No. All game data of a specific game must be stored in the same place.

What should I do if I see problems when I play games stored on a M.2 SSD storage?

Do the PS5 consoles support the buffer of the host?
No. Some SSD Devices M.2 support the Host Memory Buffer, HMB), but they are likely to be less efficient than expected, the PS5 does not support HMB technology.

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