The former Georgian Chess World Champion Nona Gaprindawschwili sued the streaming provider netflix for slander to five million dollars. The 80-year-old claims that a mention of their person in the performance series The Ladies Gambit was sexist and condescending.

In the lawsuit submitted on Thursday at a Californian court, netflix is accused of falsifying Gaprinda swilis services in the fictitious series shameless and intentionally .

The claim that Gaprindaschwili ‘has never started men’ is obviously wrong as well as rough sexist and condescending, it says in the lawsuit. In addition, Netflix Gaprinda swili described as Russian, although it was known that she is Georgian.

In the last episode of the series, Gapindawschwili was mentioned by a spokesman as part of a shaft tournament by a spokesman, the statement that she never played against men. According to the application, however, she was against a variety of male top players and have defeated a total of 28.

Netflix expressed in a statement the greatest respect for Mrs. Gapinda swili and her illustrious career , but the allegations would have no value and the case will be energetically defended. Gaprinda swili had become world champion at the age of 20 and successfully defended her title for four times and a total of 16 years.

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In addition, she was appointed the first woman to the grandmaster in 1978 by the World Association Fide. A total of 62 million households had seen the Miniserie The Ladies Gambit according to Netflix in the first 28 days.