Hitbox was a live-streaming esports computer game internet site launched in October 2013. It was a rival to Jerk. It was obtained by Azubu, and afterwards ended up being Smashcast.

Rocket League is full of different cars for you to move. And although each car plays a little differently from the others, there are categories where they belong, also called hitbox.

You can choose from five types of hitbox in Rocket League: Octane, Dominus, Plank, Hybrid and Breakout. Hitbox Each has its own statistics in terms of height, width and length. Although they are not very different, they offer enough to change how each type can play.

When choosing hitbox with which you want to play, there are some points to considérer.C est why we decompose each hitbox, what are its capabilities and which cars use it. It also depends on how you like to play the game.

And to clarify, all data measurements are in Unreal Units, a unit of measurement in the Unreal Engine uu with 0.75 inches.

Let s start:


This is the hitbox that started it all. Since the car of the same name was the first car that you can unlock in the game, the Octane hitbox is a choice that has proven itself.

It is considered by the community as one of the most balanced hitboxes and more rounded game, statistics are at about the middle of the pack at all levels. The only thing he has is the greatest height of all. It s good for the ground game and can help prevent the ball bouncing too often on you.

This poses a risk to other players who go to the demolition because it offers them a greater height for you they collide, but even with that, the Octane is popular for a reason and is used on the competitive scene Game.

Here are all the cars hitbox Octane:

Armadillo (Exclusive Xbox)
Shaker Bone
4 quick-wheel drive
Hogsticker (Exclusive Xbox)
Jurassic Jeep Wrangler
Luigi NSR (Nintendo exclusive)
NSR Mario (Nintendo exclusive)
Mudcat / Mudcat G1 / GXT Mudcat
Octane ZSR
Road Hog XL
Sweet Tooth (Exclusive PlayStation)
Takumi RX-T
The cup Dark Knight Rises


While playing quite similarly to how the Octane plays, Dominus is known for his precise control and air handling. This is largely due to its visual representation correlated with the hitbox.

It is shorter than the Octane, making it better against demolition. This also helps the car pass more easily under the ball, putting up a dribbling game or the ability to throw the ball back. This is also helped by the hitbox having the largest area.

The biggest drawback is that the Dominus its shorter stature makes it harder for players to win a 50/50 ball in a game.

Here are the cars of the hitbox Dominus:

89 Batmobile
Chikara / Chikara G1 / Chikara GXT
70 Dodge Charger R / T
Dominus GT
Gazella GT
Guardian / Guardian G1 / Guardian GXT
Ice Charger
Imperator DT5
Maverick / Maverick G1 / Maverick GXT
McLaren 570S
Gunship Samus (Nintendo exclusive)


As the name of the hitbox shows clearly enough, the board is a short hitbox, giving him the opportunity to go under a ball and pass the right game. Being so short, this car can really succeed incredible film.

As with Dominus, the small height can make it harder to win the 50/50 balls but it can also use its width to its advantage to maneuver in the right direction. Its width can help prevent an opponent to maneuver the ball around you, which can help a lot in situations of 1 against 1.

The board is the smaller option to excel ground game. The Batmobile, in particular, is known to have made incredible games.

Here are the cars of the hitbox Plank:

16 Batmobile
Artemis / Artemis G1 / Artemis GXT
Twin Mill III


Given its name, you may think that Hyrbid would be a combination of all the good parts of other hitbox, but although this may be true in some respects, it also means that hybrid also gets some of the worst qualities.

Throughout the community, hybrid cars are perceived as missing from several elements they need to be a viable option on the competitive level. He does not succeed in gaining 50/50 bullets and organizing games of dribbles. It also has trouble jumping over the cars for demolition, which means it can be easily crushed. But the worst disadvantage of this Hitbox is that it does not fit the visual representations of the cars it contains, which means it can be difficult to configure your dribbles.

However, it has the advantage of being able to go under the bullets more easily than the octane. Nor is it a bad choice for beginner players to get a general idea of ​​hitboxes and maneuverability.

Here are the cars of the Hybrid Hitbox:

Jäger 618 RS
99 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34
X-devil mk2

To burst

The Breakout is one of the most flat Hitbox from the game, which can lend itself to remove clutch flickers when you need it. It is also a longer Hitbox that can help in these situations. It also has a great correlation between visual representation and the Hitbox, which facilitates the manipulation of.

But just like the other short Hitboxes in this list, it s not great for situations 50/50. The Hitbox fell under the projectors of the competitive scene. It s in no way a bad hitbox, but it s just not enough for other players to choose it rather than others.

Here are the cars of the Hitbox Breakout:

Animus GP
To burst
Type of escape s