Kena: Bridge of Spirits is an action-adventure game established and also published by Ash Lab. The tale adheres to Kena, a young spirit overview who utilizes her wonderful abilities to aid departed people move from the physical to the spirit world. The game exists via a third-person perspective. The gamer utilizes Kena s staff for striking enemies, as well as her pulse ability for protecting versus strikes. They are entrusted with accumulating small spirit friends referred to as the Rot, who assist to finish jobs as well as fight versus enemies.
The game s development was led by siblings Mike and also Josh Grier, owners of Coal Laboratory. Having spent a number of years creating commercials as well as branded applications, the growth group moved to producing an original video clip game. They partnered with Sony Interactive Amusement for a console-exclusive bargain, and grew the team to 15 core staff members. The game s art was produced in partnership with Vietnamese movie studio Sparx, and its imaginary globe is influenced by Eastern places such as Japan as well as Bali. The original rating was composed by Jason Gallaty, who teamed up with Balinese ensemble team Gamelan Çudamani to produce respectful gamelan songs.
Kena: Bridge of Spirits was showcased at the Tribeca Movie Festival; function to the demo declared. The game was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 on September 21, 2021.

In keeping with the launch arrived to Kena Bridge of Spirits the first test ratings. They give an indication of whether the purchase is worth. To sum it up: With a Metascore of 85 – currently based on 19 reviews – you do not have too long to consider.

Kena Bridge of Spirits in the Test Overview

Below you read you some excerpts from the upshots of renowned publications. Among other test scores are listed.

Dual stool : With Pixar-like characters and stunning animations is Kena Bridge of Spirits as charming as bleak and offers many surprises that captivate not only for hours the players, but also conquer their hearts.

Game Informer: Bridge of Spirits stumbles in some places a little, but sprinting confidently into the heart of the adventure and rewards the player with secrets abound and a graphic that is almost always admirable. If you love Zelda-type games or just looking just for an experience that brings you at every step to smile, you can not go wrong with Kena Bridge of Spirits.

IGN : With its elegant, simple fighting and its beautiful world remembers Kena Bridge of Spirits to the Zelda, Okami and Star Fox Adventures from the N64 / Gamecube era, but also adds modern sensibilities and a personal touch .

Vandal: Kena Bridge of Spirits is the relies on its beautiful art direction, the combination of gameplay elements and its superb level design to deliver a game that you should not miss a fantastic adventure.

Test ratings at a glance:

Dual stool: 100
GameSpew: 100
Digital Trends: 90
Game Informer: 90
Screen Rant: 90 88 88
Hobby Consoles: 86
IGN Italia: 85
Vandal: 85
SpezioGames: 83
TheGamer: 80
Destructoid: 80
Game Rant: 80
GamesRadar: 80
IGN: 80
Euro Gamer Italy: 80
IGN France: 80
Press Start Australia: 80

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Kena: Bridge of Spirits was released today for PS5, PS4 and PC. PlayStation gamers can load the title for 39.99 EUR from PlayStation Store. The Digital Deluxe edition can be had for 49.99 euros . The latter includes not only the game the Kena-rod as a special edition, the deluxe red-skin and the digital soundtrack. More on Kena Bridge of Spirits you experience index topics in our.

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