Riot Games recently announced his plans to update the liga of legends Client Updating the web browser Chromium Embedded Framework. After trying that change first, Riot released the client update on the 11.17 patch, which was the first time the CEF was updated since November 2019. In a general description of the results of the shared update this week, the statistics of Riot showed significantly fewer faults after client update compared to before.

After the launch of client update, Riot said the amount of failures that occur now has been reduced by 61% compared to the average rate for 2021 to that launch. There is still more work to be done, but Riot said the patch launch data 11.18 show an even greater decrease in blockages.

CEF s update helped us address a lot of customer failures, and our goal is to continue addressing the ones that most impact the players, Riot said. We are happy to see a fall of 61% in falls from 11.16 and a fall of 38% with respect to the average rate by 2021 until now, and we plan to continue reducing those numbers. In fact, the first data of the 11.18 patch show another great drop in blockages! This is a great victory since we have a lot of new customer companies on any given patch (it can be more than 240 million in our Riot regions!) «

A shared table in the charge showed that on patch 11.14, there were 2,349,865 client blocks. The patch 11.15 showed a greater number because it fell during a longer patch cycle, but the 11.16 patch had an equally high number with 3,161,145 registered blocks. The patch 11.17, in comparison, had only 1,214,155 faults after the launch of the client s update.

Other improvements made by the update include a significant decrease in the use of the Front-End memory of the client during a single session , as well as a decrease in the amount of energy from the CPU that the customer uses now». The same publication also included data for those areas, for those interested in seeing other ways in which the newest version of CEF improved the customer.

During the rest of the year, the team that works on the client said he plans to focus on the client s reliability, as well as in the end of the game experience that players see once they conclude a match and return to the client s interface. Other future customer cleaning publications should detail the progress that Riot has achieved between now and the next blog.