[INTERNATIONAL SYSTEMS 24 Municipal] Action Square (Representative Kim Yeon-joon) announced on October 6, which will be held on October 6, which is a pre-reservation of Mobile Games Three Kingdoms Blaids: Relocation of Mobile Games, ahead of launching Southeast Asia and Oceania market. Three Kingdoms Blades: The restoration is the action role of the Action Role (RPG) directed by the Three Kingdoms Story and Unreal Engine. For the first time in the mobile game, I have recorded 3 million downloads of the two marketed market at the time of the domestic launch of Action Square, which won the Korean game target. The new Credit PD, which is under development, Three Kingdoms Blade: I will be able to show a rejection to the global users, and Three Kingdoms Blades: Relocation will further strengthen their own diary, and the overall quality of the overall quality I could give me a satisfaction.