Black Forest Destroyings GmbH is a German computer Destroying developer based in Offenburg. The business was established in July 2012 by a group of 5 personnel, including primary executive police officer Andreas Speer, formerly utilized by Spellbound Entertainment, which declared bankruptcy earlier that year. As of August 2017, it is a subsidiary of THQ Nordic. Since June 2019, the firm utilizes 66 people.

What will everyone think of? Driving UFO flight, conquer the earth, or has a head with ultra-ordinary people with evil? What you want, destroys all humanity 2 (temporary, Destroy All Humans! 2 – reprobed) Almost all can be fully presented.

Destroying the entire humanity 2 is developed by Black Forest Destroyings, THQ Nordic issued, Destroying All Human 2 Removal Edition issued in 2006. The Destruction of the Whole Human series has also entered the restructuring in July last year, and the pc , Xbox One and PS4 were mounted last year.

This back to the second-generation researcher, players will once again play an alien Crypto attempt to conquer the earth, continue to mess with the Earth in the 1960s. Go to the United States, the United Kingdom, the Soviet, Japan, and adding an alien technology such as the electric shock and radios, or the goggles that will make a color light wave, or even transformed into a camouflage.


Aura Kingdom The Whipmaster Official Trailer

If you feel that the ground fight is too monotonous, you can also use flight backpacks, drive the UFO to destroy the building. Overall, a beautiful classic old tone, is not fun.

A person is destroying is afraid of alone, this work is a local two-person sharing screen, let the Earth people feel double fear!

Destroying the whole human 2 is expected to board the PC, xbox series x / s and ps5 , the date of sale has not yet been announced, the players who like the early alien can lock destruction of all mankind Series Facebook Powder , pay attention to the latest information.