Two new Young Adult comics have been revealed by DC – Teen Titans: Robin and also Constantine: Distorted Illusions. Initially reported by IGN , both of the collection are composed by Kami Garcia, that has a string of successes on the DC YA front with the Teen Titans OGNs.

In Constantine: DIstorted Illusions, a teenage version of the Hellblazer takes spotlight – together with his hard rock band, Mucus Membrane.

Teen Titans: A Kid's Game - Part 1 | Issue #1 / Motion Comic

Originally presented in Hellblazer 11 by Jamie Delano and also Richard Piers-Rayner, Mucous Membrane was Constantine s band he had as a teen with his friend/guitarist Gary Lester. They regularly dipped into a Newcastle place called the Casanova Club, backed up by a bassist named Les, a drummer called Beano, as well as an unnamed keyboardist.

The band is being changed somewhat for Distorted Illusions, which follows Constantine as he discovers the dark arts while joining the band in the United States.The unnamed females on the cover are two of the members of Mucous Membrane layer.

Isaac Goodheart is attracting Constantine: Distorted Illusions, after dealing with the previous DC YA publication, Under the Moon: A Catwoman Story.

Teen Titans: Robin by Garcia as well as musician Gabriel Picolo will certainly highlight both the original Robin, Prick Grayson, in addition to the most recent Kid Wonder – Damian Wayne. One is Batman s adopted boy, as well as the other is in fact his organic son.

Teen Titans: Robin will certainly be the fourth publication in the YA Teen Titans collection, complying with Garcia and also Picolo s Raven, Beast Kid, as well as Beast Young Boy Likes Raven.

According to IGN, both Teen Titans: Robin and also Constantine: Distorted Illusions will be in DC s January 2021 solicitations. Search for those coming quickly on Newsarama.