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Alemannia Aachen is busy Helmes

Football Regional Higher Alemannia Aachen has left coach Patrick Helmes. The former national player was after an intensive analysis had been informed about the decision, the former Bundesliga club announced on Tuesday. We were convinced of the path with Patrick Helmes, but now have to act through no results in the sense of Alemannia and go this step, said the Chairman of the Supervisory Board Marcel Moberz. After 13 games in the Regionalliga West, the Aachen are only in place 15. Co trainer Uwe Gray interpretively takes over the coaching post.

DFB women celebrate next shooting party in the World Cup

The 100 Ideal Women Footballers On The Planet is a yearly global ranking of the very best female footballers. The list was begun by The Offside Rule podcast in 2016. Because 2018 it has likewise been published in association with the British paper The Guardian who have actually published the male equivalent because its creation in 2012.

The listing is chosen by a panel of experts ranging from gamers and also trains to reporters and broadcasters from worldwide. Courts are sent out a longlist of 450 footballers as well as asked to place their top 40 who are given a matching factors worth. The complete throughout all judges identifies the coating setting. In 2019, the panel included 93 go by 44 countries across 5 continents consisting of newly-appointed USWNT as well as ruling NWSL champ head coach Vlatko Andonovski, and FIFA Women Player of the Century as well as legendary China international Sunlight Wen.

After vigorous rotation, the German footballers in the World Cup qualifier have re-deforined the goalie. With half a dozen fresh forces in the starting elf played the DFB selection at the 7-0 (4: 0) against Israel in Essen five days after the lean 1: 0 in the first leg as replaced.

Youngster Jule Brand (20./45.), Captain Sara Däbritz (26.), Laura Fröigang (42.), Lina Magull (56.), Tabea Waßmuth (71.) and Felicitas smoke (78.) met 1814 viewers , including DFB Interim President Rainer Koch and Director Oliver Bierhoff. With the flawless yield of twelve points and 20: 1 goals from four games, the German team firmly strengthened the table management in the group H. on the way to the World Cup 2023 in Australia and New Zealand.

Before it continues with the mandatory matches against Turkey and Portugal at the end of November, the view of Manchester is aimed at. There, on Thursday (18.00 pm) the EM 2022 in England (6 to 31 July) is drawn. Germany is set with defending champion Netherlands and France in pot 1, the hosts are also fixed as a head of group A.

We want to generate freshness, National Trainer Martina Voss-Tecklenburg had announced and its initial formation also changed strongly with a view of load control. But even with a new staff was patience asked against the densely staggered Israeli defense block.

DFB women play great hits out

But that could be baked better with more pace, precision and overview, some hits were worth seeing. At the German double strike, only the 19-year-old fire met after presentation of Däbritz, then the midfield player of Paris St. Germain laid by a slightly composite low shot after great preliminary work of freigang.

And then the preparer then increased, the Eintracht striker screwed her quota to eight gates in nine international matches. And wingflitzer brand from the TSG Hoffenheim made with their second goal before the break for very clear circumstances.

Most ENTERTAINING World Cup Matches EVER

After the page change the same picture: Israel stood deep, the hosts let the ball run. With a beautiful volley hit, the strong Bavaria captain in Magull initiated the scores in the second half.

This fanart of The Batman shows the superhero sculpted in a pumpkin

On October 16, DC held an online event worldwide known as DC Fandome, in which he presented news and advances over all his series, movies, comics and video games that were about to arrive.

XM Studios Full Booth Tour | SGCC 2019!

One of the most anticipated ads of the event was made to beg, and it was the new trailer of The Batman, a new delivery of the Saga written and directed by Matt Reeves that will have Robert Pattinson on the skin of Bruce Wayne.

We will still have to wait until March 4, 2022 to enjoy the new movie of the Dark Knight, but there are those who have decided to illuminate their nights motivated by the premiere of this last trailer of The Batman With a really spectacular creation.

The Reddit Sfmjames user has been prepared for Halloween in the best possible way, making this incredible carved pumpkin in which the entire figure of Batman is shown on a gargoyle, wearing the new armor of him.

Manicipating the next movie, Talé A Batman in a pumpkin!, Says Sfmjames in Reddit. Also, responding to other users in the comments, he explained that it took approximately 12 hours to perform the entire process.

It also tells that it used as a template the promotional image of The Batman that was used in the DC Fandome of 2020, although, as we see in sculpted pumpkin, it has also had the detail of adding the characteristic question mark of Enigma Behind the superhero figure.

The Batman will take us to the second year in which Bruce Wayne is exercising as Justiciero for the city of Gotham and will make us know its detective facet, one of the aspects of the character that has been explored except In the history of cinema.

Thus, Batman will have to investigate evidence that will take you to solve the mystery that connects the villains of the film: Enigma, Penguin and Carmine Falcone.

The curious connection between Matrix Resurrections and Meta Facebook

The crazy, and not so crazy theories of Matrix Resurrections continue to populate the network, and everything points to that they will continue to do so until the new movie of wachowski with keanu reeves finally premiere in cinemas Next December 17, and December 22 at HBO Max.

Meanwhile, in our universe, Facebook, the company of Mark Zuckerberg, changes name to be called goal, and start focusing your efforts on creating a metaverse That allows us to live our reality virtually thanks to the virtual and increased reality of the Oculus viewers.

One of the last posters with which it has been promoted matrix resurrections has been with one in which it is indicated: Now, based on real facts. The decision is yours, next to the features blue and red pills.

In case you still have the doubt and you thought it was a subtle reference, on Twitter the image has been shared next to the UG goal, as you can see below:

Everything Facebook revealed about the Metaverse in 11 minutes

Meta pic.twitter.com/xzx9mmlutf.

  • The Matrix Resurrections (@thematrixmovie) October 29, 2021

Although we can not forget that in the original film of Matrix of 1999, its protagonist, Neo, worked for the agency Metacortex, one of the most respectable software companies in the world.

It is increasingly difficult to trace the line that separates the reality of fiction, and the new meta movements are proof of it. Although while in Matrix we find ourselves at a technological distopy, which proposes us the metaverse of the Zuckerberg company is a utopia, although all the distopies begin being utopian…

Matrix He talks to us about two worlds, on humans living in a virtual simulation of what would be ordinary lives, while their physical bodies are being exploited by machines, which use them to produce energy with which to supply without That humans are aware of it.

The Anime Tomb Raider of Netflix offers fans a great update

Tomb Raider / Tum Reɪdər / is a franchise consisting of action-adventure video games, comics, novels and films focusing on the adventures of the fictional character Lara Croft, British adventurer inspiring the title of the franchise ( Pilleur de grave in French). Since the original Tomb Raider in 1996, the series has grown in a lucrative media franchise, and Lara Croft has become an icon in the video game industry. The Guinness of the Records recognized Lara Croft as the human heroin of the most successful video games in 2017. Six sets of the series were developed by Core Design, and the last six by Crystal Dynamics. Two films, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, the cradle of life, have been produced with American actress Angelina Jolie in the role of Lara Croft. The third film is a reboot released in 2018 with Alicia Vikander in Lara Croft s role.

After the success of Netflix castlevania, the transmission service is submerging in more animated video game adaptations, such as far Cry, League of Legends and Devil May Cry currently in process, and Square Enix has revealed an important update of one of the more series Large that will arrive at the platform in the animated adventures of Lara Croft, also known as Tomb Raider. With Hayley Atwell of agente carter and mission: impossible 7 fame assuming the role of the popular adventurer, the company behind the creation of Lara Croft has shared some important new details about the next series.

Tomb Raider is scheduled to come alive thanks to Powerhouse Animation, the responsible study of Stlevania, Masters of the Universe: Revelation and Blood of Zeus to name a few. According to Square Enix s press release, Hayley Atwell will join Allen Maldonado actors and Earl Baylon as Zip and Jonah Maiava. Maiava de Baylon originally appeared in the series of restarted games that gave Lara a new history of origin and took place over the course of a trilogy in tomb Raider, Rise of the Tomb Raider and Shadow of the Tomb Raider respectively.

As for how this series will be related to the events of the Games, it will apparently take place after the events of Survivor Trilogy, which reinvented the Raider Tomb for a new generation. Although Netflix and Legendary Television have remained with closed lips as to when the fans can expect that the new animated adventures of Lara Croft reach the transmission service, it is clear that Netflix does everything when it comes to adapting some of the Most important games properties to your platform.

Currently, it seems that there are no plans to extend the last trilogy with a fourth entrance, although considering the popularity of the franchise, we imagine that it will only be a matter of time until Lara Croft returns to the consoles with a new game available. the line. With Tomb Raider celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary, it definitely seems that the series does not show signs of stopping soon.

Are you excited about the arrival of the first animated series of Tomb Raider? Do not hesitate to let you know in the comments or contact me directly on twitter @evcomedy to talk about comics, anime and the world of Lara Croft.

#TombRaider25 Netflix Anime Series Update from Tasha Huo

Via Square Enix.

Enpose the founding of the disabled person 9 acquisition of 9 medals

[Eye News 24 Moon Young – Soo reporter] Enipel (joint representative delivery, Jung Hyun-ho) establishes athleticians with disabilities for disabled Physical Education Promotion and self – relief support for the disabled, and 9 medals (7, silver) 1, East 1) was released on 29th.

The ANPEC cells are consisting of six people, such as a swimming stock (Kim, Jun – seok, Kim Kwang-jin, Kim Min-kyu, Im Hyun – Gyu, Kim, Kwang-jin, Kim Min-kyu, Kim Hyun-gyu, Kim, Min-kun), Dual Kim Byeong-seok is the 2019 inAS Global Global Global Game in Monday Yeongeo Young 400m.

Especially in the 41st National Disabled Athletic Competition, which was held in the past 20th, Kim Kwang-jin, a swimming stock, was a 3rd Public Tree, Seven, one silver medal, achieved a fishery to obtain a bronze medal 1.

Special Olympic Race

Enpose is a policy to provide the players such as benefits and regular employees, providing the same benefits as their regular workers, and paying uniforms and shoes, and to focus on the player and to focus on the game and make good performance.

The general interests of Park Seon-heon, he found athletes to foster and remember potential players, and to contribute to the disabled gym promotion, he said, Through its continued interest in the athlete, the achievements are concentrated on the economy and difficult to concentrate on the economy I plan to support it.

PS5 PS4 Playstation Challenge with bonuses and hardware

Sony has announced a new PlayStation Challenge, which bears the name conquering the throne. The aim of the challenge is to collect points together. These are awarded by specified activities. These include:

Play a game = 10 points
Play a game online with a friend = 15 points
Share features use = 5 points
Earn a bronze trophy = 5 points
Earn a silver trophy = 10 points
Earn a gold trophy = 20 points
Five trophies earn in a single game = 25 additional points

All players who sign up for the challenge can take exclusive avatar and theme bonuses as soon as they reach a destination together with the community. The premiums are sent directly to the PS4 / PS5 consoles of the players two days after completing the respective phase.

The challenge is divided into three phases. These include:


Phase 1: reaches a total of 25 million points starting on 2 November 2021. So rewards there are two exclusive PSN avatars.
Phase 2: A total of 100 million points reaches as soon as the first phase is completed. The success is rewarded with five exclusive PSN avatars.
Phase 3: A total of 160 million points reaches as soon as phase 2 is completed. An exclusive dynamic PS4 design and three exclusive PSN avatars are available as a reward.

Win a PS5

Also participants can participate in a raffle. A PlayStation 5 console, the Playstation Molds ring set of the king are looking for a package with a 3D pulse wireless headset. In order to win, you would have to answer a number of questions in the course of the event, which are posted between November 17, 2021 at 19:00 CET and November 19, 2021 at 08:59 Mez on this page.

More about PlayStation:

Own Publishing label Founded for PC ports
Workforce grew by 20 percent – further investments promised

More about the Challenge you will learn on the official PlayStation Blog. If you want to participate in conquering the throne, you have to register on this page. It should be noted that you can only dust the rewards for the phases where you have participated.

Further messages on PlayStation.

Agricultural Simulator 22 New Map Elmcreek presented

The Agricultural Simulator 22 is equipped with three new cards that you can order to release on 22 November 2021.

With a trailer Giants Software now introduces the map Elmcreek.

Elmcreek is inspired by the landscape in the North American Midwest. The game environment is particularly drawn by the idyllic charm of a typical US small town. A gas station, various small shops, residential areas, a baseball stadium and a bowling center characterize the authentic area. Playing starts with a piece of land in the middle of Elmcreek and can then spread over the entire card.

In addition to agriculture, livestock and forestry, Elmcreek has many more features with its unique landscape: a huge canyon with a hidden cave between boulders, is perfect for exciting exploration. Altitude differences between the individual areas ensure beautiful viewpoints on the railways, rivers and streams that are leaning through the landscape.

Exactly How A Rat Identifies Ash Apex Legends Season 11 s New Personality

Apex Legends Season 11: Escape starts November 2 and also introduces usable personality Ash to the battle royale game. Like a number of the previous tales, Ash has a partner– a tiny rat that rides on her shoulder as well as hides in her hood– and also it s created to inform gamers of her characterization.

Ash s rat has no name, Respawn lead animator Moy Parra claimed in a tweet. This was a request from us in the animation department with a specific objective in mind.

That purpose, as it ends up, was to provide a little of humanity for the frightening simulacrum. Ash offers a great deal like Pinnacle Legends various other simulacrum, Revenant, in that both are seemingly cold individuals with an insatiable wish for murder. But Ash s rat identifies her as a bit much more calculating as well as purpose-driven than the murderous Revenant.

As Parra adds, Ash is not so caring regarding name the rat, but the truth continues to be that the rat s wellness as well as trust fund of Ash betrays that Ash can dealing with a creature, in spite of her voice lines dripping with supposed derision for biological life and also her duplicated vocalizations that humans are weak because their bodily needs make them breakable.

[The rat] enabled us to show a little bit of humanity from the character, without jeopardizing the personality itself, Parra tweeted. Actually, it is the rat that reveals the a lot more warm/human side, the side that Ash herself will never ever reveal!

Though Respawn won t ever inside call the rat, the studio is a lot more than great with the Apex Legends neighborhood creating one. So far, the preferred option appears to be Ronin, of the name of the Titan that Ash pilots in Titanfall 2. As a matter of fact, Ash s abilities are apparently motivated by Titanfall 2 s Titans, especially her ultimate capability which behaves in a similar way to a Ronin s Phase Dashboard.

Ash is simply the most recent legend to have a pet-like friend. At launch, the only two tales to have this kind of companion were Lifeline, that has D.O.C, and Bloodhound, who has Artur. Given that after that, Respawn has routinely depended on pet-like partners to assist characterize many of the brand-new tales– some are actual living creatures but the majority of are drones or signature weapons. Octane had Navi (past tense as Navi died), Wattson has her Nessi plushie, Crypto has Hack, Rampart has Sheila, Perspective has N.E.W.T., and Fuse has Wally.

Problems are reported with control of N64 for switch

Animal Crossing: New Horizons (short AC: NH or ACNH) is a life simulation developed and published by Nintendo. The game was released on 20 March 2020 worldwide for the Nintendo Switch. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the fifth part of the Animal Crossing Main Rule.

Next to the Expansion Pack for Nintendo Switch Online, players have also had the opportunity to use their money to buy a special control of n64, in order to play just as they remember it. However, some people have completely skipped the indicated use of this accessory, and have gone directly to their PCs and several emulators, something that has had mixed results.

Since yesterday, several users on Twitter have reported that the N64 control for the online switch has problems connecting to PC. This process is described as frustrating by some, while others simply have not presented some inconvenience. Along with this, several people have tried to use emulators with this accessory, and the results are the same.


  • akfamilyhome ???? (@Akfamilyhome) October 27, 2021

In the same way, those who have managed to connect this control to PC, have indicated that there are LAG problems at the time of pressing a button. At the moment it is unknown why the control of N64 is so complicated to operate outside the Nintendo Switch, especially considering that this was not the case for the Accessories of the NES and SNES of the same product line.

The inconveniences with this control is not the only drawback, since problems with the emulation of N64 have also been reported. Similarly, the amount of games we will see in the future have been filtered.

Editor s note:

It is clear that Nintendo could do a better job at the time of taking the N64 games to the switch. However, complain because a control that is only intended for this console does not work with emulators or pc is something out of place.

Via: Reddit.

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