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In just over a week the players of Nintendo Switch , as well as the System Xbox , can enjoy one of the best role adventures of the independent scene distributed in recent years, DISC Elysium – The Final Cut . And they will make it in the best possible way, with a version adapted to take advantage of the portable peculiarities of the Japanese company system.

On this topic we have recently spoken in 3DGEGOS with ZA / UM , responsible for the open world RPG, specifically with Kaspar Tamsalu and Siim Raidma , from the Elysium Disc art team, who have explained us how they have been Working on significant improvements of the general experience of the video game for its launch of this definitive edition, or Final Cut, in its different versions.

In the last six months we have learned a lot and have also earned a valuable experience, both working in Final Cut and interacting with the community. And with many of the good comments, we have carried out significant improvements in the general experience of Disc Elysium: From the size of the text to play with command instead of the keyboard and mouse, explain in your talk with 3D games.

We have carried out the additional challenge of allowing you to play in a portable ZA / UM format also we have improved shading and graphics so that everything looks more fluent. And in the case of Nintendo Switch, we have carried out the additional challenge of allowing you to play in a portable format. That is the reason why we have reconstructed from zero the menus . But they also talk about certain designs. The idea is to make you feel comfortable watching the game on a smaller screen holding the console in your hands, in front of the idea of ​​playing on a larger screen a couple of meters away.

ZA / UM understands that ways to play are different among PC fans and consoles, so expect to play in switch be a new experience for all these users . And we hope it meets expectations .

The work of adaptation to switch

Trimming Clips in Final Cut Pro X - FCPX Tutorial

Adapt games to Nintendo Switch requires an additional job to adapt the graphics and that the performance is good, and the Elysium disc authors have not lost the opportunity to give the best of themselves.

In the original version it was not a big problem to make the game work on PC. But when passing to consoles, and now Nintendo Switch, it is increasingly important to make it look good and that works well in its portable mode. So This challenge gave us the opportunity to reinvent visual effects , as in the case of the PC with low specifications, which helped in turn improve the appearance of the game on all platforms, optimizing the rendering of graphics and the shadows .

They have also managed to put all the game with the dubbing in a single cartridge. DISC ELYSIUM – The Final Cut will arrive at stores this October 12, meanwhile you can check the disc analysis Elysium – The Final Cut in 3D Games.