The indictment demanded four months imprisonment on probation for the 31-year-old, as the newspaper Le Parisien reported. A judgment is announced on 9 December. The woman had held a big cardboard shield with greetings to Opi and Omi at the track in Brittany in the television cameras. Time Champion Tony Martin slammed at a high speed in the shield, whereupon around 50 other drivers crashed.


The woman first removed from the place of the action, but turned days later. According to the court, it is accused of negligent personal injury and endangerment of the life of others. In the trial, it was said that the defendants had the danger of their action and apologized. The inscription Allz Operi – Omi has chosen the Frenchwide because of their German-born grandmother. She had been sure that grandparents follow the tour on the TV.

The Tour de France was ultimately apart from legal steps against the woman. However, the International Bike Professional Association (CPA) held on a lawsuit. It is about to advertise for more respect for the cyclists who had trained months for the tour and some of which could not go on afterwards, it was said in a statement of the CPA.