Last Saturday we had the opportunity to see two historical teams like EDG and T1 face between them in worlds with victory for the Koreans. Although it seemed like we were going to have a game of tiebreaker to see who was going in first position, 100 Thieves did the favor to those of FAKER winning the Chinese team and leaving Lonely Leaders T1 But apparently, there was a problem in one of the computers of the Chinese assembly that would bother him again and again during the two most important confrontations of the day against Koreans and Americans.

Meiko , support from Edward Gaming and one Viper s inseparable partner, had several technical problems with the computer of him. And it is that throughout some games, the application of League of Legends did not stop closing for the Korean player, which was seen remarkably angry in the camera and that is totally normal That is upset by these technical failures, since he could not do anything. As you can see in the video, the games were not all the quiet we expected because of the problems this computer gave, who did not stop closing the application of the game over and over again.

Maybe this is the guilt that the Chinese assembly did not end at all good in the second round of the group s phase of the world, although we do not put your hand on the fire that it was just this. What we know of insurance is that Riot Games should take these failures into account for the upcoming group stage items and especially for the quarterfinals and the best of 5 that is so important is. We hope that the technical problems of computers and the connection problems that we speak at the beginning of the tournament are solved for the most important moments of the most important international tournament of the year.