Old School Runescape descends on a war path with people who sell illegally gold and manipulate the rankings in arenas. Jagerex declared the policy of zero tolerance and a sharp struggle with such practices, especially Gold Sellers. It is true that from my perspective is a fight with windmills, but from two evil better so that the company does anything than nothing. Maybe it discourages someone or deters when a few people will be punished.

Jagerex informs that it already has the right tools to fight the problem. They even prepared a special message for people buying gold from Gold Seller:

[Med lvl] A kingdom divided quest guide

For Anyone Who Has Been Involved, We Want To Be Clear – This Is Your One And Only Warning,

It will be sent to players who are entangled on the entire procedure. If their behavior does not change, they wait unpleasant consequences. Duel Arena, in turn, will be replaced by a system generating 1v1 tournaments. It will appear next year and apparently will solve the issue of manipulation on duels. At this point, you will not be able to bet more than 10m GP to a duel.

Details can be found here.