The first bit coin-linked listing index fund (ETF) Bito began trading at the New York Stock Exchange. Immediately after the New York stock market, Bito rose 5%, and the bit coin rose 2%.

According to the business in-business, the business in-one, the company, such as business in-thirs, such as Proshams, a bit coin gift ETF Bito began to be traded at the New York Stock Exchange since this day.

Bito follows a bit coin gift that is traded at the Chicago Commodity Exchange (CME) with a bit coin gift ETF. The US Securities Trade Commission (SEC) received a great attention since the first bit coin linked ETF that approved its release.

According to reports, BITO share price rose by $ 41.9, based on 9:37 am on this day.

Bit coin prices have been traded by $ 62,725 (about 7,392 million won), which rose about 2% (about 7,392 million won) compared to the previous BITO transaction.

Bit Coin Gifts ETF launches are expected to work in the entire encryption industry. As the Bit Coin Gifts ETF is released, the Bit Coin Investor s foundation has been expanded, and the possibility that it will be released more in the future.

However, after the release of the bit coin gift ETF, it seems that the bit coin prices should be added to the addition. As I have already been able to release ETF, the expectation is a bit coin price, and because there is a limit to the price of a gift that is linked to a gift, not a bit coin spot.

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The Knol, Deckdex Jodeshi Bug, the general, Bit coin prices will rise on CNBC, but the Gift ETF demand is not a direct rise. As a result, Gift ETF launches in terms of bitcoins and cryptographic adoption is evaluated as advances that can lead demand, but futures prices are not the opposite of the spot, so futures prices will not lead the spot price. did.

The introduction of Gifts ETF is not expected to have a great influence on the price of the Gift ETF, the introduction of Gifts ETF is the price of Gift ETF,