The 20th Industrial Normal Resource Sum Sudden Investment Company Committee The government has pointed out that the government should be more active in the negotiations with China in resolving the issuance of issuing the Chinese Pankees in the domestic companies that are currently interrupted.

The definition of Ryu Ho Jung, since last 2017, since last 2017, the number of Korean games for foreign games in China, 874 Korean games are only three of the Korean games, and in fact, in fact, I said he should try.

Ryu Ho Jung said, Korea is a game law, a game of game law, and there is no entry barriers to foreign companies and direct service of foreign companies, he said, It seems that the government I said.

The Minister of Moon Wook Wook, said, I have been trying to make a more sustainable effort, but I have done a more sustainable effort, but I have done a more sustainable effort, but I have done more continuous efforts.

The lawmakers asked the government to visit the president of the Kang Shin-cheol Game Industry Association, which was attended as a reference.

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The Kang Shin Chul Association is a game industry, which is a recording of more than 50% of content exports. However, the current industry is difficult because it does not have a service permit in China. The games received the conventional pans are steadily steadily continuing to steadily, and the new games are allowed to be allowed to be allowed to be allowed to be permitted by new games, he said.

Furthermore, the Lord said that the Ministry of Sciences shall, in the negotiations with China, to urge the reissue of the furnishings, and they should take an aggressive action.

China is prohibited Internet cultural management in foreign companies, China is virtually impossible in China. In order to solve this, it would be necessary to delete the Internet cultural management provisions prohibited to the traumatic investment industrial map list for trade negotiations with China, or it should be necessary to take a variety of ways to exclude some of them.