Worlds 2021 is in its phase of qualifiers, with a Top 8 that promises matches full of crushing surprises or victories. But doing a review of what happened in the group stage, the D caught the attention of several by the narrative of the quad tuning. Also, because there was a small mistake at the Gen.G and Team Liquid meeting in relation to the Smittee of Kim Clid Tae-min .

In case of being new in League of Legends, we explain. The spell SMITTE starts with a load of 15 seconds of cooling, with the possibility of winning more loads from minute 1:30, for a maximum of two. Something vital for the objective set, since it allows us to use one to accelerate the cleaning of camps and save another for the dragons dispute, for example. However, as everything in the Moba of Riot Games, is not safe from Bugs .

In the course of Gen.G and Team Liquid party, some spectators noted that Clid recovered a much more time before what he should. One of those who reported the fact was Chris Croissant Sun, Assistant coach of Golden Guardians. Thanks to the information of Tae-Ho Timothy Rosethorn Kim, Croissant echoed the curious thing that is the fact. According to him, CLID used the Smite in the game early, however, the cooling was 15 seconds instead of the approximate 76 that should . Putting even more in context, it was the third summit of him, so he usually should not have 15 seconds of cooling.

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Croissant explains that it is not really something that has guaranteed victory to Gen.G, but it is an error that is worth noting. Even Kacper inspired Sloma, Jungla de Rogue, made comments about it. In the case of it, by invading the red bonus and using the SmitE close to minute 2:46, the third load may be available in less than 15 seconds. This only happens for the one who wins the spell career.

The great advantage of all this is that Clid could have the improvement of the Smite long before. Outside of this, the victory of Gen.G came for other directions and not completely because of this. What it does, draws attention that the error remains in League of Legends, unless it is an expected interaction.

Ported via Lance Skundrich / Riot Games.