Contra the tormenta and presents an almost infinite variety of challenges, ranging from cursed artifacts to Blightstorm own, but that s not the only thing that players will have to worry.

As players strive to cultivate a generous future in the unpredictable nature also must manage a restive population that consists of three different species, including beavers, human and lizard. This guide will be updated as the game expands and new buildings are discovered.

Contra the tormenta species: beavers, lizards and humans

Equipment in optimal positions, the viceroys can overcome treacherous travel ahead while attending actual requests of the queen. 3 Contra manage the tormenta species itself is the key to victory.

Each species has the determination and courage to move towards the mysterious light, but it depends on you, one of the viceroys confidence of the queen, ensure that all work in the best conditions.

Contra tips beaver tormenta

Beavers are best used to ensure the wood, and you need a lot. Make sure the beavers continue to work in logging camps and make it your first task in each new map.

Beavers can also be used in other useful areas, especially if you are already producing enough wood for their needs. Beavers also excel when working with rainpunk technology, although it will require some determination by aspiring viceroys before it becomes available.

Whenever beavers are not assigned to logging camps, is best left unallocated to help with the construction of buildings and roads.

Best Contra the tormenta Beaver buildings (all buildings)

Home (-20% fuel consumption)
Camp woodcutter (resolution and additional production)

Sawmill (resolution and additional production)
Ordinary work station (resolver)
Makeshift stall (resolver)
Gatherer rain (resolver)

Beavers Against the Storm are designed for physical tasks, especially when it comes to wood, water or any other industry that requires strength. Keep your high resolution and no amount of trees will prevent you from discovering the wild nature Against the Storm.

Contra the human tormenta Tips

Humans can collect wood and deal with many different tasks, but they are suitable for the specific tasks like beavers.

Humans are better allocated to agriculture-related tasks and kitchen. These tasks may seem small in number, but they cover a lot of ground.

Players must allocate human structures surrounding agricultural fields for efficient crops and substantial returns. Food production is essential to keep them happy and working to settlers.

You assign human colonists to positions related to food, as the oven, it will help keep them happy and other settlers.

When agricultural and food-related tasks are properly addressed at the moment, it is better to transfer them to positions that supplies such as raw work stations.

Best Contra the human tormenta buildings (all buildings)

Home (Impatiens Queen -20%)
Small Farmhouse (resolution and additional production)
Herb Garden (resolution and additional production)
Camp herbalism (resolution and additional production)
Camp collectors (resolution and additional production)
Bakery (Resolution and Additional Production)
Apothecary (Solve)
Ahumadero (Solve)
Taberna (Resolver)

These and other more advanced industries can produce fabrics, plates and other supplies needed to survive and thrive, including trade with other settlements.

Keep stored food and supplies appropriate for settlers and workstations allow each part of the settlement to function more efficiently. It will also reduce your chances of losing settlers.

Contra tips lizard tormenta

Lizard creatures are kind and loving, and skills reflect this. It is always better to have one of the Lagarto watching Old Home, granting a +1 to the overall resolution.

The Lagarto are experts in rites and ancestral customs, which makes them perfect for keeping the heart of the bright and fiery colony. The only players must assign a human or a beaver at home if there are lizard men. Any species can keep the fire burning, but the lizard men do better.

The lizards prefer warm environments and love to collect food, which makes them the perfect choice to ensure meat and vegetables found in nature. They can also help with agricultural tasks when necessary, but it is better to keep them assigned to hunting and collection whenever possible.

These tasks also extend beyond food and may include other resources. The lizards are also very good when they are assigned to seek and collect valuable clay deposits.

Better Contra the storm Lizard buildings (all buildings)

Home (+1 Global Resolution)
Improvised home (resolution for worker)
Trampper camp (resolution and additional production)
Ahumadero (resolution and additional production)
Oven (solve)

Human beings are more susceptible to the harsh conditions of the clearings, including almost constant rain. The construction of shelters from the beginning is important for all species, but especially for humans and lizards.

Keep your population happy in Contra the storm

Bad conditions will not only lead to a shortage of labor; The settlers will eventually vacate the settlement and will continue, leaving you with less help when you need it more.

Undoubtedly, you will want to build dedicated homes when possible to gain additional bonuses for each of the three species, but establish generic homes that do not meet the specific needs of the species remains quite useful, especially at first.

Building The BEST BEAVER COLONY EVER in Timberborn (New Faction)

And, of course, above all, things change in the desert. It is likely that there is more than one case in which there are humans soaked by the rain collecting firewood while a solitary beaver monitors the fire.

Different situations may require suboptimal locations

It will happen. Circumstances change rapidly in nature, and that can mean both. Leave your anxiety and pause the game whenever you need to reevaluate the situation in question. Fulfill some orders from the queen and / or sacrifice some abundant supplies in the important fire can drastically change the future of your settlement.

Quickly increase your determination and get some blessings from the queen can get your fire settlement and order it again. If you are forced the uncomfortable position of placing different settlers in sub-optimum positions, be sure to make adjustments when possible.

And if everything else fails, you can always come back stronger and fight harder another day. Take a look at the rest of our Contact the storm guides if you need help to move forward while rebuilding the burning city.

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