In new world , players can explore the island of Aernum, a region full of dangers that discover it to release secrets and find treasures. Against this background, we will tell you how to farm XP at the Megahit New World from Amazon Game Studios best.

Stay busy and rest efficiently

Overall, the largest XP source of the game is in the main quests. In this sense, try to complete the available as soon as possible. City missions are also a great way to earn good XP. The quests are updated every 30 minutes and they can take more than ten of them at the same time.

Another great way to get extra EP is to make sure your character is in a settlement every time you log out of the game, as resting your character brings a rest EP bonus . It is worth noting that the number of bonus EP, which is recovered after rest, is very low, but the more, the better.

Minecraft, But Treasure Is Super...
Participation in fraction missions is also a great way to earn large quantities of XP. If you do you, you can also earn fraction brands that you can exchange for many rewards. Dueling with other players in the PVP is also a great way to increase the overall level of both their character as well as their weapons, but be careful not to bite as they can chew.

Fast travel unlock as soon as possible

It is strongly recommended that you discover the almost traveled points scattered over the whole island. By unlocking the points, you can speed up the speed with which you complete the many daily quests as well as the speed with which you collect resources accelerate character and your commercial skills quickly in New World. You can read our guide to fast travel in the game here.

Choose your rewards carefully

In New World, the choice of XP profit reward after increasing its territory standing level is another great way to increase the speed with which you rise. The use of this method can achieve great results, but we recommend new players to increase their storage space by selecting the storage premium instead.

New World is currently available for PC.