Next year there will be no blizzcon. Not even the announced BlizzConline will take place.

This year, due to the Corona Pandemic, Blizzard has deleted the annual house exhibition BlizzCon and instead made an online event. Actually, a blizzonline was planned for the coming year, but the American developer and publisher has also canceled.

Blizzard justifies the step that such an event is significantly driven by the community and you want to communicate directly with the players and fans. But that is not possible under the current circumstances and in a pure online event is not possible in the same way. In addition, it is every time an effort to put such an event on the legs. This energy would rather stuck this time in the development of the games.

But that does not mean that there will be no blizzcons in the future. The fair is one of the core elements to get in touch with the community and that should remain so. As soon as it is possible again, it should take place under safe, inviting and inclusive circumstances. Everyone should attend the chance to participate.

However, Blizzard promises for February 2022, the actually planned date of the BlizzConline, some announcements and update for its own games. At the latest then there will be new material to Diablo 4, Overwatch 2 and Co again.