[Eye News 24 Moon Young – Soo reporter] Enipel (joint representative delivery, Jung Hyun-ho) establishes athleticians with disabilities for disabled Physical Education Promotion and self – relief support for the disabled, and 9 medals (7, silver) 1, East 1) was released on 29th.

The ANPEC cells are consisting of six people, such as a swimming stock (Kim, Jun – seok, Kim Kwang-jin, Kim Min-kyu, Im Hyun – Gyu, Kim, Kwang-jin, Kim Min-kyu, Kim Hyun-gyu, Kim, Min-kun), Dual Kim Byeong-seok is the 2019 inAS Global Global Global Game in Monday Yeongeo Young 400m.

Especially in the 41st National Disabled Athletic Competition, which was held in the past 20th, Kim Kwang-jin, a swimming stock, was a 3rd Public Tree, Seven, one silver medal, achieved a fishery to obtain a bronze medal 1.

Special Olympic Race

Enpose is a policy to provide the players such as benefits and regular employees, providing the same benefits as their regular workers, and paying uniforms and shoes, and to focus on the player and to focus on the game and make good performance.

The general interests of Park Seon-heon, he found athletes to foster and remember potential players, and to contribute to the disabled gym promotion, he said, Through its continued interest in the athlete, the achievements are concentrated on the economy and difficult to concentrate on the economy I plan to support it.