Sony has announced a new PlayStation Challenge, which bears the name conquering the throne. The aim of the challenge is to collect points together. These are awarded by specified activities. These include:

Play a game = 10 points
Play a game online with a friend = 15 points
Share features use = 5 points
Earn a bronze trophy = 5 points
Earn a silver trophy = 10 points
Earn a gold trophy = 20 points
Five trophies earn in a single game = 25 additional points

All players who sign up for the challenge can take exclusive avatar and theme bonuses as soon as they reach a destination together with the community. The premiums are sent directly to the PS4 / PS5 consoles of the players two days after completing the respective phase.

The challenge is divided into three phases. These include:


Phase 1: reaches a total of 25 million points starting on 2 November 2021. So rewards there are two exclusive PSN avatars.
Phase 2: A total of 100 million points reaches as soon as the first phase is completed. The success is rewarded with five exclusive PSN avatars.
Phase 3: A total of 160 million points reaches as soon as phase 2 is completed. An exclusive dynamic PS4 design and three exclusive PSN avatars are available as a reward.

Win a PS5

Also participants can participate in a raffle. A PlayStation 5 console, the Playstation Molds ring set of the king are looking for a package with a 3D pulse wireless headset. In order to win, you would have to answer a number of questions in the course of the event, which are posted between November 17, 2021 at 19:00 CET and November 19, 2021 at 08:59 Mez on this page.

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More about the Challenge you will learn on the official PlayStation Blog. If you want to participate in conquering the throne, you have to register on this page. It should be noted that you can only dust the rewards for the phases where you have participated.

Further messages on PlayStation.