The crazy, and not so crazy theories of Matrix Resurrections continue to populate the network, and everything points to that they will continue to do so until the new movie of wachowski with keanu reeves finally premiere in cinemas Next December 17, and December 22 at HBO Max.

Meanwhile, in our universe, Facebook, the company of Mark Zuckerberg, changes name to be called goal, and start focusing your efforts on creating a metaverse That allows us to live our reality virtually thanks to the virtual and increased reality of the Oculus viewers.

One of the last posters with which it has been promoted matrix resurrections has been with one in which it is indicated: Now, based on real facts. The decision is yours, next to the features blue and red pills.

In case you still have the doubt and you thought it was a subtle reference, on Twitter the image has been shared next to the UG goal, as you can see below:

Everything Facebook revealed about the Metaverse in 11 minutes


  • The Matrix Resurrections (@thematrixmovie) October 29, 2021

Although we can not forget that in the original film of Matrix of 1999, its protagonist, Neo, worked for the agency Metacortex, one of the most respectable software companies in the world.

It is increasingly difficult to trace the line that separates the reality of fiction, and the new meta movements are proof of it. Although while in Matrix we find ourselves at a technological distopy, which proposes us the metaverse of the Zuckerberg company is a utopia, although all the distopies begin being utopian…

Matrix He talks to us about two worlds, on humans living in a virtual simulation of what would be ordinary lives, while their physical bodies are being exploited by machines, which use them to produce energy with which to supply without That humans are aware of it.