On October 16, DC held an online event worldwide known as DC Fandome, in which he presented news and advances over all his series, movies, comics and video games that were about to arrive.

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One of the most anticipated ads of the event was made to beg, and it was the new trailer of The Batman, a new delivery of the Saga written and directed by Matt Reeves that will have Robert Pattinson on the skin of Bruce Wayne.

We will still have to wait until March 4, 2022 to enjoy the new movie of the Dark Knight, but there are those who have decided to illuminate their nights motivated by the premiere of this last trailer of The Batman With a really spectacular creation.

The Reddit Sfmjames user has been prepared for Halloween in the best possible way, making this incredible carved pumpkin in which the entire figure of Batman is shown on a gargoyle, wearing the new armor of him.

Manicipating the next movie, Talé A Batman in a pumpkin!, Says Sfmjames in Reddit. Also, responding to other users in the comments, he explained that it took approximately 12 hours to perform the entire process.

It also tells that it used as a template the promotional image of The Batman that was used in the DC Fandome of 2020, although, as we see in sculpted pumpkin, it has also had the detail of adding the characteristic question mark of Enigma Behind the superhero figure.

The Batman will take us to the second year in which Bruce Wayne is exercising as Justiciero for the city of Gotham and will make us know its detective facet, one of the aspects of the character that has been explored except In the history of cinema.

Thus, Batman will have to investigate evidence that will take you to solve the mystery that connects the villains of the film: Enigma, Penguin and Carmine Falcone.