A closed beta of the global version of Lineage 2m began yesterday evening. A closed beta game, which is a NCSoft drive force.

Lineage 2m earns quarterly… thirteen times more money than Guild Wars 2 – such a curiosity.

Lineage 2M - Let's play - Part 1
And now sadly information. Closed Beta is available only in selected countries: United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, Germany, Canada, France, Chile, Spain, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Portugal, Finalndia, Denmark, Switzerland, Argentina, Peru and Mexico.

Where can Poland? There is no Polish. We must wait for the second beta.

Let s consolve, however, that during your official debut Lineage 2m will receive a paramed language version (confirmation).

English and Korean Will Be Supported During The Closed Beta.

We Are Preparing to Support English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Polish, and Korean for the Official Launch.

It is also worth adding that Lineage 2m – despite its mobile roots – is currently available only on a PC (via the author s NCSoft Platform – Purple).

https: //lineeage2m.plaync.com/naeu