Even if we wanted, we can not fault on Albion online. This wanted is carried out in a formula way, and the growing number of players – 270,000 active users a day – only confirms.

And this month, on November 24, we will see the premiere of the new addition of Lands Awakened, which will introduce erynowy era of games in the open world of Albion thanks to the processed dungeons, mobs and locations with treasures, the new PvP goals in the open world, converted wars of Guild, numerous improvements to quality of life and many other new elements.

Official Teaser:

One of the key novelties of this extension will be a refreshed graphic and sound luminaire. Albion Online will become nicer, but will not increase your hardware requirements.

Albion Online | Roadmap Update 2021

All of the five biomes have received a significantly improved visual setting and schedules, dynamically emerging locations with treasures give fearless players a chance to get valuable prizes, and the extended soundtrack adds a new emotional depth of the world of Albion

And all this for free, because online Albion and its updates are free. There is also something like P2W – everything, almost everything can be elevated / get from the game level. It just will take more time.

We remind you that Albion is available in the Polish language version.

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