Inpokémon Go Trainers currently in vain for the team-go-Rocket-Haupt Giovanni. This has disappeared since the beginning of the new season. Now, however, there is a current find to a new Crypto monster, which hopes the community on the Rocket Boss. We from Meinmmo show you what happened.

What s about? Coaches in Pokémon Go have been able to solve special research at regular intervals, through which you can get a special super Rocket radar. With this radar, the big team go-rocket Boss Giovanni can be tracked up.

With the start of the season of the Schabernback, however, Niantic announced that Giovanni disappeared and the coaches can not find him with their radar. In addition, no new special research to Giovanni was published so far. Now a current find of the Pokeminers gives the coaches but hope.

That s the find of the Pokeminers

The pokeminers are a group of databiners who periodically browse the game code from Pokémon Go to new information at regular intervals. Your finds then provide other coaches through your homepage and social networks.

Now the Pokeminers have published their current finds on Twitter and Reddit. Accordingly, they encountered a picture and individual data to a new legendary Crypto Pokémon: Lugia.

To see is in your contribution the picture of a Lugia in front of the typical Crypto background. However, it is conspicuous that this monster has no flames and red eyes, as is usual with other Crypto-Pokémon. The Pokeminers also point to Reddit in their contribution.

So MartyCochrane writes: To clarify: There were no new assets, point. Normally, the 3D assets of a Pokémon also get flames and red eyes when it gets a crypto, and Lugia has not received that yet. There is still the possibility that the version of the dark storm is pushed on, but we have to wait and see. (Via

What is the dark storm ?
At Dark Storm it was the game Pokémon XD: the dark storm for the Nintendo GameCube. In this a special crypto form of Lugia plays the main role.

The community reacts to this find

In social networks, this contribution ensures a lot of conversation among the coaches. Many players hope that they can soon resume against the Rocket Boss Giovanni. So especially on Twitter, when this monster will be comfortable, and whether it is at Giovanni (Via

Jean Renaud: Do you think that it will be in the game soon?

Pawel Oleearcyk: So that s the new Pokemon we get from Giovanni?

Cold Tea: When is it free and is then available as a Shiny?

Ethan thisguy: Maybe it s, with light, shadows.

This guess basically does not sound completely outstanding, because during the light festival, according to Niantic, it should also give the part with light also shadow…, behind which the team go-Rocket hides. Much is not yet known about this event part, which leaves room for such speculation.

Why the event is so important, we have summarized you here:

These are the opinions about Crypto-Lugia

But opinions on Crypto-Lugia are different in the community. Some coaches, as Partyroseyt1 are happy that they can finally hunt a legendary Crypto Pokémon (via

While Bravodelta23 hopes that Niantic gives the coaches several occasions to get this Pokémon, the user Ptmcmahon recommends that players should pick their super Rocket radars for Lugia (via

Lugia version Dark Storm : Other players are not enthusiastic about this monster. This is mainly because she wanted Crypto-Lugia otherwise in Pokémon Go. Attributed to their wish version of Lugia on the game Pokémon XD: The Dark Storm, where the monster is the main Pokémon.

So Northeast Philly Raids is sad. It provides a graphic to the desired Lugia in the comments and writes: No! This Lugia is not good. That s what we wanted. (Via

The coach flareblaze also expresses his disappointment: I thought you would give him the design of Pokemon XD. (Via

Also on reddit, some players are sad through this version of Lugia. The user Yutomaikeru writes: As someone who is a big fan of Pokémon XD: the dark storm, this is a disappointment. (Via

There is still hope for the right Lugia version?

As the pokeminers have already mentioned in their contribution, their finds are always unofficial data, which is why Niantic still has the opportunity to make changes before it comes to a release.

This hope does not want to give up nototskirtwher and writes to Reddit: I know that I will be disappointed, but I refuse to give up the hope. This could become one of the biggest hypes of all time when it happens. (Via

This opinion is also Themadjam: Yes, it s the eye-catching absence of Giovanni that hopes me. (Via

Whether Giovanni will come back promptly and Niantic picks up the desire for Lugia in the Pokémon XD version is currently not officially known. As soon as there are new information about it, you will definitely know it here, on Meinmmo.

How do you find the find of the Pokéminers? Would you look forward to a return from Giovanni? And do you wish the XD version of Lugia as Crypto-Pokémon? Write us your opinion here on Meinmmo in the comments and exchanges you with other coaches.

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