Christian Prank as a Success Trainer is undoubtedly true. But of course, he is not solely responsible for the strong development of his club in recent years.

This shows, among other things, the view of the numbers behind the scenes. Thus, the SC in string almost ten years old has generated a transfer surplus of 70.51 million euros, only in three of the ten seasons, the Transfersaldo fell negative. Decisive for this: Sports Board Jochen Saier and sports director Klemens Hartenbach, who worked like prank earlier in the SC junior chatters and took over the sporting direction in the pros in April 2013.

The greatest profit made the Breisgauer in the season 2020/21 by sales of players such as Robin Koch, Luca Waldschmidt and Alexander Schwolow – although they paid the club-internal record sum of ten million euros for Baptist Santamaria. He went back to France a year later (Stades Rennes). Transfer fee: 14 million euros.

Above all due to this profitable transfer policy, the association ended the financial year ended 30 June 2021, despite the pandemic with profit (9.8 million euros), increased equity (from 83.3 to 93 million) and sales (from 89, 2 to 110.1 million) compared to the previous year – ligawide an absolute exception. According to official DFL ratios for the 2019/20 financial year, the 83.3 million euro equity in the league comparison already meant a very significant 7th place, while the SC with a personnel expenses of 49.2 million (13th place 13) continue to be significantly in the second half The Bundesliga ranked.

Who comes to Freiburg remains usually longer

But with these modest funds, Freiburg is efficiently. A big factor for this: personnel sustainability. This does not apply to the by far service elderly Bundesliga coach and its coaching team as well as the sports chiefs, but also for the team. On average, the Freiburg players have been in the club for 3.29 years since their league – just Mönchengladbach (3,93) comes to an even higher value, also with regard to the complete association affiliation, Freiburg (5.08 years) second in the Liga Ranking – behind Mainz (5:12).

Says: Who comes to the SC Freiburg, which usually remains – and is well familiar with the club, his philosophy and especially string game idea. As a pillar for this, the successful youth work acts. The budgeted regular players Nicolas Höfler (interrupted by a two-year lending to Aue), Christian Günter and Jonathan Schmid (in between four years in Hoffenheim and Augsburg) have been in the club since 2005, 2007 respectively 2008. Even Yannik Keitel and Nico Schlotterbeck already ran in the youth area for the Breisgauer, this summer, another six talents from their own substructure were firmly promoted in the professional cider – Kevin pity, Noah Whitehaupt and Kilian Sildillia already debuted.

They are all part of the current performance series, which is characterized above all by a strong defensive. Only seven goals has been collected Freiburg – the fewest in the league and also the fewest in their own club history at this time. Crucial for this are besides the strong keeper Mark Flekken (with 81.6 percent highest quota reduced shots among all keemers, also with a cut of 2.55 best goalkeepart to million notes) and the stable defensive chain also the disciplined work against the ball of the Offensive department for Lucas Höler as well as the lack of opportunity utilization of the opponents. Only 16 percent of the opposing possibilities found the way into goal – best value in the Bundesliga.

Freiburg is often fouled without dribbling

What a Football Fairy Tale - 5 Reasons Why Freiburg Are So Successful In 2019/20

Extremely remarkably overlooking the offensive: Although Freiburg tries the fewest dribblings of the complete Bundesliga (on average 10.8 per game), the SC players are most commonly fouled (on average 13.8 per game). Expression of the rectilinear patterless, but effective attacking game.

Finally, the question arises: Where can the Freiburg s alto flight still lead this season? That a team was unbeaten after ten games, there were 31 times in the Bundesliga. 13 teams were mastered at the end of the season, 14 times at the end of two to four. The probability for the first entry into the Champions League is thus a proud 87 percent. Incidentally, the deepest crash after such unbeaten series to the start experienced the MSV Duisburg, who completed the season 1993/94 as a colon. But even that would be an increase over the already considerable place 10, which the SC occupied in the past season. But the chances have never stood so well to topple the best result under queue: 5th place in the season 2012/13 with 51 points. After ten matchdays his team had only 12 meters to be present at that time.