Funny Games is an Austrian movie dramatization of Michael Heineken from 1997 with Ulrich problem as well as Susanne Other in the lead functions. The vacation idyll of a three-headed family members is damaged by the look of two boys. The category jobs as well as headings rise and fall with reading and mindset of the customers. For example, Funny Games is referred to as media reflection, as a rumor movie or speculative arrangement, on the other hand as a scary flick, however likewise as (psycho-) thriller. The movie was described by youth protectors as social honest disorienting

[ACHAEAN] ACH EIN is on Netflix. At the 7th, Netflix, the Arcane, which was simultaneously released in 190 countries around the world, is the first animation to showcase Riot Games (CEO Nicole Rent) to expand the world view of the League Oboe Carrier.

In the early days, this animation, which started in any direction, and this animation, which started with the unlisted state, has gradually expanded as a result of the pilot and testing production. That s why it takes six years to finish. As long as the ball is for a long time, Cane is expected to be the first test bed that is the success of the LOL Intellectual Property (IP) expansion.

Riot Games chose an animated episode agent, the most natural storytelling type as the first start for LOL IP expansion. This is because the game itself is already based on animation elements in characters.

Cristian Linger and Alex, who are in charge of the co-production of Arcane, is the responsibility of the LoL Worldview, I want to get a lot of Koreans on the work of I want to get a lot of Koreans on the work in an online media event held last month on the 28th of last month. I said it is always open.

◆ Story in Graphics, Music, Characters… Park Jin-sung game feeling

Arcane is a story about the duality, and a variety of characters in each character with the conflict of each character with two confrontational two cities in LOL.

In addition to the world view, it was also a game of game rates on the directing element. Arcane moved to animation of music and graphics full of prognostic ism in the game.

Alex said, Again has achieved a big screen, a climatic element that matches a large screen, but he aimed to save the style of the existing riot game, he said, he said, he said. I have a great advantage of the music that we know in game music, such as the login effect sound we know, he said.

RiotX Arcane Announcement Trailer
This feature is actually used in the past. The French 3D Animation Studio Ports Production, which has been respiring with Riot Games and a long time in Anne, was working. Forts Productions is famous for its moving music videos of Warriors (Warriors) song Warriors (Warriors).

In Again, the two regions of the new characters in the existing game appear and the two regions of the game update are delayed. Riot has a plan to connect them organically. I try to expand these stories across the game beyond the animation.

Alex Responsibility Producer said, The Champion Story will be able to see changes in other games in the future as they have always evolved. However, I will judge the response to Again, which is the first time a large project, such as CHEN, he said.

What are the messages and philosophy that Cane conveyed. Ring chi s responsibility producer rather than defeated any message, he had a goal to be able to worry about the viewer of a right question.

According to the Richie Responsibility Producer, Arcane s wealthy city Feature Over and underground city Troubles are not different from the real world we live. The world is made of confrontation, and there is a polarization from anywhere in the world. The Richie Responsibility Producer said, I expect that both regions will be able to sympathize because they are related to the actual world.

◆ LOL IP is a living world… ACHAEAN Korea Reaction Priority

As the Marble Cinematic Universe (MCU), which gains worldwide, Riot Games builds a video universe and has a vision to have a vision to expand to video franchise.

Alex Responsibility Producer is a fact that Arcane was influenced by these questions, but it was difficult to say that Riot Games said that Marvel and Goals are exactly matched. LOL IP is based on a living world view, he said.

If Marvel creates a new adventure and ending in the world that changes the Heroes, LOL IP is a description of the relationship between the relationship between the strength of the force, which continues dynamically than decorating the ending in the case of LOL IP.

Both producers said that if they can be confident in storytelling capabilities, and they can best implement the story, the form is open. Alex Responsibility Producer said, I have seen Akin in a movie theater, and I have been quite well, I have also opened a chance to produce a 30-minute big screen.

I expected the box office in Korea. They said, If you succeed in the game s Mecca ne Korea, there is a faith in the world, said, Now, I am now enjoying K-content, and the criteria for entertainment are significant for entertainment. Korea is expected to have a response to the most priority area, he said, I want to satisfy users around the world, but I want to get Korean people in particular.