It s a bit strange scenario. Around the matches in paid football, a lot of numbers are charged not only in Germany. If you look at many parameters, then the impression could be set to do it at VFL Bochum with a secure relegated. Quite as many observers suspected it in the summer.

13 points after eleven lots — rice: I would have signed immediately

The record of the team of coach Thomas Rice, however, is even better with four victories and a draw from the first eleven games than those who had expected the people responsible in summer. One would have said one thing that we go to the third country break with 13 points, then I would have signed that immediately, says rice.

Especially at the Cast roper Strafe, his team enters with a lot of commitment and heart, on the other hand, the away balance sheet reads extremely modest. But even here, of course, is worth a closer look: After all, the newcomer had to compete with the Champions League participants Wolfsburg, Bayern Munich and Leipzig and the 1st FC Cologne, who plays a very ordinary round.

Stunning at the point of view of the figures that the VFL in terms of mileage is still one of the weakest teams of the league: 110.8 kilometers completed the Bochum professionals per game, so little runs otherwise only the VFL Wolfsburg. After all, the team of Thomas Rice reached a top value with 118.3 kilometers on Saturday at home win against Cofferdam.

And: Although the Bochum in Gerrit Boltzmann, who was measured as the fastest player of the 2nd league in the previous season, have an outstanding sprinter next to many other very fast players, especially on the wings. But pressing the determined numbers but not in the approach: 57.3% of the running track releases the VFL in the lowest of four gears, which is the highest share.

My SPEEDY alternative to cooking rice

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Stunning also that the VFL occurs quite successful, with 70.1 percent but the worst pass quota of all 18 Bundesliga clubs. And quite remarkable that the VFL is very often the zero, of course on different pages. Already four times the Bochum without his own hits remained, on the other hand Manuel Riemann and Co. already experienced five encounters without conceding, that is the best value of the league.

And at the point of view of the moderate running values, of course, the hint of Sebastian Schindzielorz helps. Bochum sport chief had killed the numbers with the note, the troupe of Thomas Rice does not represent the athletics department after all. More importantly, it is important to come back meaningful ways, and the VFL obviously gets out best.

We have to plug in a lot of criticism that the mileage is not true that the sprint values ​​are not right that the defense is not good enough and that we shoot too few goals, says rice. And then complements: Now we see that the training intensity is high and that the team develops.

Captain Flotilla: Our fans are outstanding

Something skeptically, the coach had looked forward in summer and at least feared softly, the mood could quickly turn back after the ascent euphoria. The opposite is the case, the Bochum Festspiele also found against Cofferdam her sequel, the VFL trailers reward the hosted performances of their favorite.

Our fans are outstanding, it s just horny to experience such a mood in a game, Captain Anthony Flotilla, who has already experienced a lot in football. The intermediate conclusion of the Bochum Capitals: We enjoy every lot and are very grateful.