The two men will take part in a special program by staging on the Gotta chain (accessible here) that already has more than 3.3 million subscribers, has announced Activision, the editor of the game. Tandem should cooperate To play the multiplayer mode of this new FPS that transports us to the heart of World War II.

An unprecedented appointment

she thought her stream was off...
If still few elements have been communicated on this unprecedented appointment, Activision argues that the famous midfielder of the Blues and the French Monster (nickname of Gotta) say happy to share this evening for their communities of Fans respective, but also for lovers of Call of Duty in general. The saga, of which more than 400 million copies have been sold since its creation in 2003, account every year among the most anticipated games.

Paul Pogba is not the only gamer of the France team. Antoine Riemann is a great amateur of Fortnite and even create his own e-sport team with his brother Théo. Dylan Mbappé also spends a lot of time on FIFA 22 of which he is the Star presents on the jacket of the game this year.