November 6, the e-sports night (The e-Sports Night) 2021 Taken 7 Korea and Japan Country against Korea and Japan Country against the second half of Korea. As a result, Korea has won the victory once again after 7 Korea.

The Han Ill was quickly successful by requesting additional competitions after Korea won in the tournament on October 1. Like the previous competition, the Susan Information Industry Promotion Agency and Loud Communications held in the Susan E-Sports Stadium, and six players each played. As a representative of Korea, Knee vessels, Chanel King Sung Ho, Cherry berry Mango Kim Tae-hyun, Mil Opportunity, Keokuk, Boa Flower, Boa Flowers, Dacha, Children Take Utah, Destroying King Wu Ella Died, Gen Commizaka Genii, Double Takakubosuji, Pin Yamaguchi was invited.

한국과 일본 철권 프로 한일전에 나타난 일본 다크호스 고등학생 철권러 B군 총정리 鉄拳プロゲーマー 日本vs韓国 鉄拳12vs12 で現れた伝説のB(アリサ)

The first round was proceeding in the winner method. Unlike the last competition, an endless Santa exhibited continued. I have won the Flower King Woo Aida Died, who won the I am a former. In this situation, the player who leaned to the victim was Chanel King Sung-ho. He has been a third round of winning, a third round of winning in the situation where he was behind 3: 4.

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The 2 rounds have been conducted by the entry match that six players played a player, respectively. Korea, who was defeated in the round, the Double Takakubosu is a Double Takakubosuji, and the Mil, Okayama Dacha, Nova Okayama Dacha, It has been achieved Gen and Pin ya and finalized the final score 4: 2.

As a result, in the Relish Match, Korea has achieved a score 2: 0 against Japan and once again win. The first round followed the championship, but it has followed the championship, but eventually it was overwhelming in the second round based on excellent concentration. 5 million won in total prize money, to Korea, 3 million won returned to Japan.