It was informed that the Bis representative is a review of its game to apply new technologies such as blockchain and meta bus to its game, and informed that it is concerned that it is being reviewed to introduce several services.

The Representative of Chung Hyung, said that it was planned to apply the metabus and blockchain technology to the Metropolitan Call and Eve Online, through the Bis Performance Announcement Call. In addition, I heard a blockchain based technology playoff (P2E) and Non-Fungible token (NFT).

The Play20 is a key business model that the game companies are focusing on the new business model and the blockchain, and the profit structure associated with the NFT, which is mainly meaningful, and the NFT that has a special value or meaning. NFT is a digital asset that can prove ownership, and it has the characteristics that replication is not controlled and can be used for various economic activities such as transactions and collates.

NFTs, Blockchain and Crypto. Explained

The CEO said, Playing the Play Two, I recently came to the game industry and I was an issue of Issued by Ossified by that technology, and I heard the case of examples of Mir 4. He said, I think there is a lot of opportunities in CCP Games, which developed black desert or eve online in the field, and I am worried about it.